Why 2022 is Going To Be a Great Year for Surveys Takers.

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Why 2022 is Going To Be a Great Year for Surveys Takers.

Are you the type of person that likes to take surveys? 

If so, there’s a good chance you’re excited about 2022! 

That’s because it will be an excellent year for survey takers.

Here’s why: 

Two of the biggest market research companies have joined to create a monopoly in the industry of data and market research.

Researchers have developed new and improved ways to collect data, so your surveys will provide even more valuable insights.

So mark your calendar for 2022 and get ready to take advantage of all the benefits that come with taking surveys!

 Keep reading to find out why.

Cint and Lucid Have Become One Company

LUCID a cint company

Lucid Holdings, LLC announced that Cint Group had acquired it.

AB (NASDAQ: CINT) in a cash and stock transaction that closed on December 29th, 2021, For approximately $1 billion, Consisting of 480million shares from the company’s common stock and 594million dollars in cash.

CINT Press Release

The Cint platform automates the insight-gathering process to gain access faster with unparalleled scale. 

Cint has the world’s largest consumer network for digital survey-based research.

More than 3,000 companies are engaged every day through their network of more than 130 countries across 145 million respondents!

Lucid is a groundbreaking new research technology that provides programmatic access to first-party data. 

With respondents in more than 100 countries, Lucids enables anyone and everyone from any industry the answers they need.

 They are revealing what people think about their favorite brands or products!

 Founded in 2010, Lucid is a global organization that has successfully mined data from all over the world.

Its headquarters are in New Orleans, LA, with offices across America and abroad!

The combined organization will be the global leader in technology-enabled insights, giving customers access to a diverse audience and advanced automated capabilities.

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Tom Buehlmann, CEO of Cint, comments:

“We are delighted that Cint and Lucid have now become one company. We have always known that the visions of our companies were complementary.

 Now we will officially start the integration process to realize that collective vision. 

The combined organization will be a global leader in technology-enabled insights.

By bringing together our people, products, and access to supply partners, we will offer our customers unprecedented global audience reach and even more advanced insights and automation capabilities.

 We will present a unique and truly differentiated value proposition to the market. 

Ultimately, we will enable our customers to access millions of people’s opinions in an easier, faster, and more efficient way.”

Patrick Comer, Founder, and CEO of Lucid, comments:

“We had the vision to transform the industry. 

And we did. With this union, we will accelerate our path to a new reality.

 I’m excited to combine our people, technology, and passion for shaping the future with our clients.”

Source Cint Investors 

Lucid and cint merge

What will survey takers experience with the merge of Cint and Lucid?

The merger of Cint and Lucid will positively affect survey takers.

 The two companies have complementary technologies and services so that survey takers can expect a better overall experience.

 Among the improvements survey takers can expect are:

  • Improved quality and accuracy of surveys
  • More reliable delivery of surveys
  • Quicker turnaround times for survey results
  • More fantastic choice of surveys to take
  • Better customer service

Conclusion :

This blog post is about why 2022 will be an excellent year for survey takers.

With the merge of CINT + LUCID, we think some good news may come up in 2022!

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