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We are an online community that professionally gathers consumer information on behalf of the US’s best and well known brands.


Is an online research panel. Our members provide their opinions and answer surveys on a wide range of subjects, products and brands. In return for open and honest opinions, our members are paid for surveys. IOPEN USA provides paid surveys to its members for their views, but many people join our online community because they enjoy being part of a public platform which can have a real impact on how products, services and well known brands are offered to consumers.

We are a partner organisation of Cint, which delivers market research to leading brands, Public Relations companies and market research agencies across Asia, Europe and USA. All surveys are conducted according to guidelines set by the respected international body for market research, ESOMAR.

Why You Should Join Us

  • Our rewards are fair, Before completing any survey our members are given notice of how much the reward is worth.
  • The surveys are fun! We cover a wide range of topics and consumer interests.
  • Withdraw your money through PayPal!
  • You may get a chance to take part in product testing!
  • Legitimate paid surveys for genuine research

Some of the benefits include:

  • Fast and reliable payment through PayPal,Amazon, and g-codes
  • Manage your account settings
  • Take part in product testing
  • Personal account manager
  • Interesting surveys
  • Shape the market for products you love
  • Take surveys on the go with the app
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