6 Worst Reasons that Bann you From Surveys Panels

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Make Money Online With iOpenUSA OpinionAPP Surveys App
March 4, 2022
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The Devastating Impact of Coronavirus on Paid Surveys
March 24, 2022
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6 Worst Reasons that Bann you From Surveys Panels

Getting banned from survey panels is awful.

We all love to log in and take those juicy surveys.

But one day, you cannot log in, and a nasty message says, “Your account has been closed.” 

So you’re banned from taking surveys.

You’re in luck because we’re here to tell you the six reasons that could have caused this.

I think we should go ahead and get started.

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Importance of Survey Panels

What are Survey Panels

One of the worst reasons that can lead to a ban from survey panels is the need to understand their importance.

Survey panels serve as a valuable resource for companies to gather insights and feedback from consumers.

By participating in surveys, we can shape products and services, influence marketing strategies, and contribute to the overall

growth of businesses.

Moreover, survey panels provide a platform for individuals to voice their opinions and make themselves heard.

In an age where consumer preferences constantly evolve, companies need real-time data to stay ahead.

Survey panels allow everyday consumers like us to play an active role in this process by providing our unique perspectives and


In essence, understanding the importance of survey panels goes beyond just earning some extra cash or gift cards.

It entails recognizing our capacity as consumers to drive change and shape industries through our honest feedback.

So let’s embrace survey panels not only as platforms for personal gain but also as channels through which we can directly impact

businesses and society at large.

Why  Can You Be Banned From Surveys Panels.

Market researchers who run online survey panels need to ensure data quality.

After all, market research aims to shape the future of products and services, affecting everybody.

If the data used to make decisions is faulty, the decision-making process will be flawed. 

That is why market researchers spend much time and money ensuring data quality.

Remember to read the panel terms of service because if you violate any of them, it will get you banned.


Why Your Survey Panel Account Got Deactivated.

  1. You used multiple accounts. This is a big no-no, and most survey sites will ban you if they find out that you are using more than one account.
  2. Used a VPN to hide your IP address(Many panels only recruit from countries like the USA, UK, etc.)
  3. You cheated and speeded through surveys to get the rewards fast, which, in the end, produced inaccurate data for market research.
  4. Your profile must match consistently with the classification questions at the beginning of the surveys.
  5. Failing the security questions several times can flag your account as a cheater.
  6. Copy of restricted content.

banned from surveys

Consequences of your Account Being Terminated.

When your account is terminated, you will no longer be able to access your account.

This includes any information associated with your accounts, such as surveys you’ve taken, points you’ve accumulated, and

rewards points you’ve redeemed.

Any information associated with your account will be lost and will no longer be accessible to you.

This includes any order you’ve placed, reward points earned, or surveys you’ve taken.

Reference: Terms of Service for Panel Membership Explained | iOpenUSA. https://iopenusa.com/terms-of-service-panel-membership/

Tips to Avoid Being Banned From Survey Panels

– Read and follow the terms of service of each survey panel you join.

– Provide accurate information when filling out your profile or surveys.

– Be honest in your responses and avoid speeding through surveys.

– Avoid using multiple accounts or sharing your account with others.

– Do not attempt to manipulate or cheat the system by providing false information.

– Participate regularly and complete surveys within the given time frame.

– Keep your contact information up to date so that survey panels can reach you if needed.

– Respect the privacy policies of survey panels and do not share confidential information.

– Avoid using automated tools or bots to complete surveys on your behalf.

– Be respectful in your interactions with survey panel administrators or other participants.


It’s no secret that surveys are a popular way for many people to make money. 

But one day, you wake up and find that you cannot log in to your account on the survey panel you’re using.

It’s just not fair.

You want to keep taking surveys but are banned!

Well, you’re not alone. 

There are many people out there who have had the same issue.

 We want to help you out and share six ways to get banned from a survey panel and not get so mad about it.

Thank you for reading; we are always excited when one of our posts can provide helpful information on a topic like this!


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