Easiest Way to Get Amazon Free Gift Card Codes

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Easiest Way to Get Amazon Free Gift Card Codes

Easiest Way to Get Amazon Free Gift Card Codes

Hi dear reader, I presume that we all love free things, the sensation of receiving something we want with little effort is awesome.

Remember when you were younger and your dad or mom brought a gift after a long trip or for a special event like your birthday or Christmas. How cool it was!!!.

In fact, we spent two hours a day for ten days completing paid surveys online, so we want to share our results and impressions with you.

Let’s get started with this simple process to earn amazon free gift card codes.

Why Would you Choose Amazon Gift Card Codes?

The answer is easy, Amazon posses a huge variety of items for sale, there is a popular phrase “If You Can’t Find It Anywhere Else, Look Here – Amazon.com”.

Is also important to mention, amazon services like :

  • Home theater setup.
  • furniture assembly.
  • outdoor equipment assembly.
  • tv wall mounting.
  • grill assembly.
  • amazon fresh.
  • And amazon music.
  • Also amazon prime video.
  • whole foods market.
  • and many others.

We covered the Pros Vs Cons of Using Amazon As surveys rewards in this post (Surveys Rewards The 4 Best You Can Redeem Today)

Without more delay here is our recommendation

Win Amazon Gift Card Codes by Taking Surveys

Paid surveys online have been popular for a long time, many brands need your opinion to make critical decisions about the products that will be in the market tomorrow.

So they are willing to pay you an incentive for your opinion through paid surveys.

Is important to say that the amount of rearwards that you can earn through paid surveys is not to make you rich.

Average surveys pay between 0.50 to 5.00 USD, the cash amount depends on the time it takes to complete the survey.

The longer the survey, the larger the reward.

Is so easy to fill a survey that is practically free money, it only takes time from you. 

Time that in many cases you use to be on social media, watching videos, or playing games.

If you take into consideration that some surveys panels like IOpenUSA start paying your rewards with low thresholds.

At IOpenUSA the minimum to cash out through Amazon Gift Card Codes is 10.00 USD, which is easy to reach considering the number of surveys you can take.

To prove our point we decided to make this challenge.

How Much Can You Make 2 hours a day for 10 days Completing Paid Surveys Online?

With this strategy, the factor time has high relevancy because you have 1 hour and you want to complete the more surveys that you can to increase your revenue.

     Day1: On the first day we were able to complete 6 surveys with a total earning of 4,99 USD.

iopenusa paid surveys and amazon free codes


Day2: On the second day we made good earnings of 7,50 USD.


iopenusa earn free gift cards

Day3: Also a great day we made 10,47 USD

iopenusa paidsurveys free amazon codes

Day4: Our earning this day was 4,11 USD

Day5: We made 7,62 USD on this day

iopenusa paid surveys rewards with amazon

Day6: Another great day with 10,64 USD of earnings.

Day7: We made 7,86 USD this day.

iopenusa paid surveys amazon rewards and more

Day8: Our earnings this day was 5.00 USD

Day9: We did 8,25 this day.

iopenusa paid surveys at home free amazon codes

Day10: Was the best day with 15,11 USD.

iopenusa paid surveys amazon free gift codes

 Now is Time to Cash Out our Earnings Through Amazon Gift Card Codes

After ten days of taking surveys 2h/day, This is our earnings :


iopenusa Cash Out our Earnings Through Amazon Gift Card Codes

And the second image

iopenusa amazon gift card code

Example of Email With the Amazon Gift Card Code

iopenusa Win Amazon Gift Card Codes by Taking Surveys

People also Ask:

How can I get free Amazon gift card codes? 

  • Play Games
  • Take Surveys
  • Buy Foods
  • Share Recommendation
  • Trade-In.

How can I get a $50 Amazon gift card?

Get a $50 Amazon.com Gift Card with the Purchase of Two Beats Products Totaling $398 or More.

To take advantage of this offer, simply add two qualifying items and one $50 Amazon.com Gift Card from the list below to your Shopping Cart.

The discount for the Amazon.com Gift Card will be automatically deducted at checkout.

Source: Get a Free $50 Amazon.com Gift Card – Amazon.com

How do I get a $10 Amazon gift card?

  1. Sign up for IOpenUSA. Sign up with just your email and password.
  2. Earn Money. Complete surveys.
  3. Redeem your Cash for Amazon.com $10 Gift Card.

Ways to Earn Free Amazon Gift Cards

  1. Take Surveys Through Survey Websites. Answering surveys for money is not a high-paying online job.
  2. Use the Amazon Trade-In Program. One of the simplest ways to earn free Amazon gift cards is to use the Amazon Trade-In Program.
  3. Earn Amazon Cash & Reload Bonuses.
  4. Use Shopping Reward Apps.


Earn money through paid surveys online is easy, as you can see we made 81,55 USD in 10 days with 2 hours a day.

The earning potential is there and as you can see there is the payment proof

The key to success is consistency, take surveys on a daily basis and understand that disqualifications occur, just breathe and continue to the next survey.

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