How to Answer Paid Surveys

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April 27, 2021
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How to Answer Paid Surveys

How to answer paid surveys

Hi dear readers, today we are going to go a little further and explore this key topic about how to answer paid surveys.

There is a fundamental question, why are you taking paid surveys online, many people have different goals.

Some want a reward or make quick cash online, others want to influence the brands in the market and don’t even care about their rewards, or prefer to donate it to the charity.

Whatever is your goal here is a list of things you should do and what you shouldn’t do to answer paid surveys.

Things to do:

  • Complete your profile at 100 %: Many surveys are targeted to your profile, meaning the most complete it’s, the most surveys opportunities you will have.
  • If you have many surveys to complete, decide wish one makes good use of your time, the longer the survey the higher the reward.
  • Be methodical, set a time each day to answer the surveys, perhaps you feel more comfortable in the morning or afternoon, you will see your account valance to go up, and when is part of your routine is easier to complete more surveys.
  • Understand that Being Disqualified(or “screening out”) Happens: This could be due if you don’t meet all of the prerequisites of that survey, you can also be disqualified at (or towards) the end of the survey if the quota for survey takers with your background is met while you are completing the questions, also if you fail a quality control question
  • DO set up a dedicated email account specifically for your surveys stuff(But remember that in our case to cash out through PAYPAL you need to register with your primary mail in your PAYPAL account). That way you’re less likely to miss surveys invitations due to getting mixed up with your other emails
  • Check your spam box regularly and don’t forget to check your email daily for new studies: whitelist emails coming from survey panels
  • Refer your friends to the panels you like! : If you have some favorite survey panels, share them with your friends and extended family. Or social media accounts
  • Leave reviews for survey panels you’ve joined: Since there are so many scams out there, it’s really helpful for other survey-takers to know which survey panels are reputable and which to stay away from. By leaving a review, you’re helping the entire community of survey takers weed out any disreputable sites.

Things you shouldn’t  do:

  • Don’t use VPN or public wifi networks: your account can be banned, many VPN use public IP for several users that are easily detected and blocked by the system. Public wifi networks like airports, cafes, etc don’t protect your data
  • Don’t rush, this is one of the most common issues we see, people just want the reward and give random clicks, most of the time they fall in the security questions “like mark strongly agree to mark your spot in the survey”.
  • Don’t bank large sums of cash or rewards in your survey accounts: Surveys panels are not banks and it’s better to have the money in our pocket so we can use it as we see fit, our recommendation cash out as soon as you reach the minimum threshold

Other things to consider

  • Don’t pay to join Surveys Panel: In all legit surveys panels, membership is free, if you ever see a post selling a list of panels for money. Is a scam don’t fall for it.
  • Don’t give key information: Filling your profile is the best thing you can do but never a legit panel will ask for your bank account number or social security number
  • If it’s too good to be true then it isn’t: Don’t fall with the scam of “I make 5000 a month with paid surveys from home” or “how a single mom in (any city) makes a living from home and earned 6500 USD from paid surveys”


online paid surveys

If you have answer paid surveys before you can notice that is divided into 3 sections :

1-The introduction or classification questions

2-The middle section or the core of the survey

3-And the end questions

The classification questions: These are the first questions that you see when starting a survey usually they ask your age, gender, zip code, marital status, level of income, etc.

You could ask yourself “Why I have to complete always these fields if they have that information in my profile “.

The answer is that you are able to start the survey because your demographic matches the survey topic but the system needs more information about you to be certain if you’re in their target demographic.

Let’s see an example: the survey demographic target is (males, between ages 20 to  50, smokers, that had smoked Marlboro gold in the last year).

If your profile matches most of these conditions. the survey is going to be available for you to start, but perhaps in your profile, you said you liked others brands or perhaps you said that you smoked Marlboro but 2 years ago.

the system is going to see you are not a suitable candidate and disqualify you (as we said before you need to understand that disqualifications occurs, be patient because the system have a solution for this)

Is called “the Router ” it’s function is that if a candidate is disqualified from a survey it finds him another that matches or is close to his profile information, usually, you can classify and complete a survey within 3 attempts through the Router.

If you have taken a few surveys you have done some through the Router, the most common routers are the: Cint router, isay router, sayso router, your surveys router, live sample, samplicious router

Here some images of the routers: The first one is Cint, second Samplicious, and third Sayso

Cint router

saplicious router Sayso Router

Tip: never check that you work in marketing, or some of your families because they think you can take advantage of their products before going out to the market.


do not select

The middle section: in this section, you will encounter the main topic questions of the survey, there is where you give your opinion and influence the market or where you really answer paid surveys.

Most people like this phase because depending on the survey you have videos to watch, images of new products, and more

You need to be careful with the security questions, they’re designed to catch those who speed through the survey, or are given random clicks without reading the questions

security questions

In this face quality of answers is more appreciated, because the data gathered is useful for the research agency.

The end questions: is the last phase, usually is short, just 4 or 5 questions, most of the time are demographic questions.

That’s it, you successfully completed a survey, and the reward added to your account.

Conclusion and Strategies and Tricks

Now, what we need to clarify is what you should do to optimize your income from paid surveys through small strategies and tricks to make your work more efficient or even get the best offers.

The first thing to take into account, before talking about any strategy when working, is your profile.

The best and most reliable online survey portals require the creation of a personal profile, which comes in the form of several questions whose purpose is to locate each person in a specific sector and assign relevant surveys to that market.

Errors in answering these questions will reduce the chances of being selected for paid surveys.

Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the profile is completely filled in, taking into account points such as the following:

  • Indicating that we are employed will increase interest in us.
  • The ages between 25 and 40 are more sought after as well as those who are married and with children.
  • If you own a home, fine. If you intend to buy another, the better. Same with cars.
  • Middle and higher studies are preferred.
  • Make sure your income tends to high numbers without exaggerating.
  • Having pets can help too.

Remember that this is only to please the algorithm that selects people, this data has little to do with your knowledge or relevance to the surveys, so you should not feel guilty or nervous about supplying “ornate” data.

Also, some companies submit rating questions before submitting a specific survey.

In these cases, it is always important to answer the questions under the mindset that you do not work in the sector, but that you have an interest in consuming in that market.

In this way, if the questions seek to know if you work in “X” sector, the best thing to do is to answer no.

On the contrary, if you ask about interest in acquiring certain products or services, the ideal would be to answer yes.

This is because paid surveys seek to collect opinions on a specific sector and are much more efficient if they are directed to people who are active consumers of the market.

MY best regards i hope that this information helps you to answer paid surveys and Why not, see you in the Next Post

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