Unlock the Mystery Behind Characters From Big Hero 6

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Unlock the Mystery Behind Characters From Big Hero 6

Big Hero 6 was released to widespread acclaim in 2014.

It quickly became a beloved animated classic, partly thanks to its dynamic characters and intriguing backstories.

The film left audiences eager to learn more about the mysterious pasts of characters like Hiro Hamada, Wasabi No-Ginger, Honey Lemon, and Go Go.

Tomago, and Fredzilla.

In this article, we will explore the fascinating backgrounds of these beloved characters and unlock the mystery behind them.

What is Hiro’s Mom Name in Big Hero 6?

 Big Hero 6 is an animated hit movie that follows the fantastic story of Hiro and his robot Baymax.

But what is the backstory behind some of our favorite characters? 

Unlock the mystery and learn more about each beloved character, starting with Hiro’s mom!

Hiro’s mother in Big Hero 6 is named Mrs. Callaghan.¬†

She is a single mother who works as a professor at SFIT (San Fransokyo Institute of Technology).

According to her son, she lives for her work and has big dreams for him to follow in her footsteps by attending college, too.

While we don’t see much of Mrs. Callaghan throughout the movie, we know she loves both Hiro and Baymax sincerely, giving them space to explore

their passions while guiding difficult decisions they must make together. 

Who is Hiro’s Girlfriend?

¬†The answer lies within the film as viewers follow Hiro’s journey.

Early on, we meet GoGo Tomago, a tough-as-nails adrenaline addict with an attitude problem.

Her no-nonsense approach strikes up some sparks between her and Hiro, which grow into something more meaningful.

As time passes in the movie, their relationship progresses until GoGo eventually becomes his girlfriend. 

But it doesn’t end there for these two lovebirds!¬†

What is the Big Hero 6 Characters’ Name?

Big Hero 6 Characters

While the movie features various characters, many viewers must familiarize themselves with their names and backgrounds.

To help you get to know each character better, here’s an overview of who they are and their names in the movie.¬†

First off is Hiro Hamada.

Ryan Potter voices him in the English version of the film.

He’s a 14-year-old robotics prodigy living in San Fransokyo who discovers that his brother Tadashi was killed while trying to save someone’s life.¬†


 Voiced by Scott Adsit in the English version, it is a robot built by Tadashi.

He’s designed to give medical assistance to anyone who asks for it, but Hiro soon learns he can also fight.

 Go Go Tomago

It is the other female group member, voiced by Jamie Chung in the English version.

She’s a hot-headed explosives expert who doesn’t always get along with her teammates but is still loyal to them and willing to do whatever it takes to

help them out.

 Wasabi No-Ginger

¬†He is the third nerd who becomes Hiro’s new friend, voiced by Damon Wayans Jr. in the English version.

He has a very high IQ and excellent knowledge of anything technical. Still, his constant rambling about random things can annoy his teammates.

Honey Lemon

¬†She is the fourth nerd who becomes Hiro’s new friend, voiced by Genesis Rodriguez in the English version.

¬†She’s a super-intelligent chemist and inventor who loves to make things.


He is the fifth and final nerd who becomes Hiro’s new friend, voiced by T.J. Miller in English.

 He can control technology with his mind, making him a great team asset.

What is Hiro’s Aunt’s Name?

One interesting character in Big Hero 6 is Hiro’s Aunt Cass, an intelligent and independent woman who runs her caf√© and takes care of him after the

death of his parents. 

But despite being an essential part of the movie, we never actually learn what Aunt Cass’ name is!

While most characters in the film have well-defined names, such as Hiro, Baymax, Tadashi, and Honey Lemon, The same can not be said for Aunt Cass.

Even when searching through interviews or articles related to Big Hero 6, you will find no mention of her name. 

Why is Hiro’s Chest Blue?

Why is Hiro's Chest Blue

¬†Hiro’s iconic blue chest has become an instantly recognizable symbol of the movie.¬†

But why is his chest blue? 

The answer to this mystery lies in Big Hero 6’s unique origin story, which explains why the filmmakers chose this particular

color for Hiro’s clothing.

The film is inspired by Marvel Comics’ Sunfire & Big Hero 6 series, and fans of these comics will recognize that Hiro wears a

similar outfit to Sunfire, including a bright blue chest plate.

 This choice was made as an homage to the source material and serves an essential purpose in-universe: it helps distinguish

between Hiro’s human and robot forms when he uses Baymax’s armor.¬†

Who kills Hiro’s Father?

This pivotal moment in the movie comes when Hiro discovers that his father was murdered and embarks on a journey to uncover the truth behind his


Along with his friends, he eventually discovers that it is Professor Robert Callaghan, head of the robotics program at San Fransokyo Institute of

Technology (SFIT).

Driven by revenge and anger, Hiro nearly kills Callaghan himself before being stopped by Baymax. 

What is Honey Lemons’s Real Name?

Honey Lemon is a bubbly chemistry student with a passion for science and an affinity for all things pink.

 She uses her trusty chem-purse to create concoctions to help the team solve any problem.

But what is her real name outside of this universe? 

The answer lies in her first appearance during the film when she introduces herself as “Aiko Miyazaki.”

Aiko is Honey Lemon’s real name and a Japanese term meaning “beloved child.”¬†

How Old is Hiro?

¬†To unlock the mystery behind characters from Big Hero 6 and answer this question, let’s look at some crucial elements from the film.¬†

The movie begins with Hiro attending high school and being told he has “untapped potential.”

We also hear that Hiro lost his parents in an accident two years before these events.

It means that when we first meet him in Big Hero 6, he is 14 years old.

What is Wasabis’s Real Name?

Big Hero 6 introduced us to many characters, and one that resonates with fans everywhere is Wasabis.

This enigmatic character has an interesting backstory and a mysterious personality.

But his name raises many questions: what is the real story behind Wasabis? 

Wasabis is presented as a brilliant robotics prodigy at San Fransokyo Institute of Technology.

However, his life unexpectedly turns when he meets Hiro and Baymax.

As his friendship with the protagonists grows, we learn more about him and understand why he was so lonely before meeting them. 

Disney has kept Wasabis’s real name secret for years, leaving many viewers wondering who this mysterious character is.¬†

But his name is Wanjohi, a word of African origin meaning supporter of faith.

What is the Name Of Hiros Cat?

Hiro’s cat, Mochi, has been a fan-favorite character.

The beloved fluffy white feline is integral to the film’s storylines and has become an iconic symbol for moviegoers.

But what is Mochi’s real name?¬†

The answer lies back in Japan, where Hiros, the film’s lead character, originates. Mochi („ÉĘ„ÉĀ) is derived from the Japanese word for ‘rice cake’ („āā„Ā°).

His aunt Cass gave This delightful treat to Hiros, who adopted him after his parents’ death.

The cute nickname was chosen to symbolize love and affection between them, something she could look after and nurture with her own two hands. 

What is the easter Egg on Big Hero 6?

The movie has an Easter egg hidden within it that has yet to be unlocked by its fans. 

For those unfamiliar with the term, an Easter egg is an intentional inside joke or secret message embedded in a film or game. 

Here are a few Easter eggs in “Big Hero 6”:

  • Mickey Mouse gloves can be seen in various places, including the control room at the university and on a character’s jacket.
  • A poster of the movie “The Incredibles” can be seen in the background of one scene.
  • The building design of the university is similar to the creation of Stark Tower in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
  • A character is seen wearing a shirt from the film “Tron.”
  • The team’s headquarters is in a building resembling the X-Men’s Marvel Comics mansion.

Is Hiro Hamada a Boy or a Girl?

He appears to be neither a boy nor a girl but rather androgynous with characteristics of both genders. 

Many people have had their theories about Hiro’s gender identity.

Throughout it all, Hiro’s gender is never addressed or clarified by anyone in the film.¬†

But if you ask my opinion, he is a boy.

What Race is Hiro?

The answer to this question needs to be clarified.

The movie’s creators deliberately left it ambiguous, allowing viewers to conclude his ethnicity.¬†

The design of Hiro’s physical appearance and cultural influences suggest he could be of Asian descent.

He lives in San Fransokyo, combining elements from San Francisco and Tokyo.

His hairstyle resembles traditional Japanese samurai buns; his outfit includes a kimono-style hoodie with kanji symbols.

However, these details are only explicitly stated in the film or any related materials associated with Big Hero 6, leaving the audience to decide for

themselves what race Hiro is supposed to be. 

How tall is Baymax?

How tall is Baymax

¬†It’s an interesting question with an answer that carries more significance than you may think.

Tadashi Hamada designed the character Baymax as a healthcare companion and nurse bot. In the film, he stands at a

towering height of six feet and two inches (6’2″).

His bulky figure was explicitly made to pick up Hiro Hamada, the story’s protagonist, without difficulty or risk of injury.

With his padded exterior made from fireproof vinyl fabric and plush material, he also has plenty of cushions for Hiro to hug

during distress or sadness. 

Is Big Hero 6 part of Marvel?

Fans of the Marvel universe may be wondering, does Big Hero 6 take place within the Marvel universe?

With its colorful cast of characters and upbeat soundtrack, it’s easy to see why some might think so.

The answer is no: Big Hero 6 is not part of the Marvel universe.

While it was produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios, owned by Marvel’s parent company, Disney, the story and characters are entirely original


This film’s inspiration was from a lesser-known comic series created in 1998.¬†


Is Big Hero 2 coming Out?

Will there be a sequel?

Many are eager to learn more about Baymax and Hiro’s adventures in San Fransokyo.

However, there has yet to be an official announcement from Disney regarding a follow-up film.

Who is the Villain in Big Hero 6?

¬†The villain of Big Hero 6 is none other than Robert Callaghan, Hiro’s former mentor at San Fransokyo Institute of Technology.

After an unexpected tragedy strikes his laboratory and destroys all of his life’s work, Callaghan seeks revenge on those responsible by stealing an

experimental nano-technology from Hiro’s lab.¬†

Was Tadashi Murdered?

¬†While many viewers expect to find all the answers by the movie’s end, they are left with more questions than answers regarding Tadashi Hamada’s


The evidence suggests that Tadashi was murdered by Yokai, an evil villain who uses a kabuki mask to hide his identity from everyone but Hiro and


His motives for killing Tadashi remain unclear, though some theorize he wanted revenge for something Tadashi did or said in the past. 

Is Baymax a Girl?

Are you a fan of Big Hero 6? Then you must know Baymax, the friendly and lovable robot who befriends Hiro Hamada.

¬†After all, he’s one of the most popular Disney characters out there!

But one thing that has puzzled fans for a while is whether they should refer to Baymax as “he” or “she.” Is Baymax a boy, or is he a girl?

People have debated this topic on social media platforms like Reddit and Twitter for years.

Some believe that it doesn’t matter which pronoun we use for Baymax.

After all, robots don’t have genders!

Others argue that since his voice actor was male, it would make sense to refer to him as male. 

Is Baymax OK for Kids?

¬†Regarding children’s entertainment, Disney is known for its family-friendly films, often featuring beloved characters.

One of Disney’s most recent releases is Big Hero 6, a movie about teenage heroes and their inflatable robot companion, Baymax.

But what age group is this movie suitable for?

Is Baymax OK for kids? 

The answer might surprise you: yes! As far as animated movies go, this film has some dark elements.

Still, it’s appropriate for any child aged eight or older.

Baymax is incredibly endearing and a great role model; he’s gentle, loyal, and always puts his friends first.

He also teaches important lessons about friendship, teamwork, responsibility, and personal growth, all vital life skills to help your children

mature into successful adults. 

Is Baymax a Doctor or a Nurse?

 To uncover the mystery behind this lovable character, we must look at his origins and purpose in the story. 

Baymax was created by Hiro using advanced technology.

He was designed as a personal healthcare companion for Hiro’s injured brother, Tadashi.

To fulfill this role, Baymax had to be programmed with extensive medical knowledge and abilities.

His programming also includes a basic understanding of medicine, such as diagnosing illnesses, administering first aid treatments, and even

performing surgery.

Baymax may be considered a doctor and a nurse, depending on his assigned tasks in each situation. 

Can Baymax Speak?

 Fans of the movie have long wondered whether this lovable robot can vocalize his thoughts.

If you’re among those who want to unlock the mystery behind Baymax and the other characters from Big Hero 6, then read on!¬†

Baymax was designed to be a healthcare robot for Hiro. Still, many people have speculated that he can do more than respond with a friendly ‘I am

satisfied with my care.’

Fans believe Baymax has been given a voice box and can communicate somehow.

However, there is no evidence to confirm this theory yet.

Moreover, Disney has yet to reveal whether they plan to give him a voice in future franchise installments. 


 In conclusion, Big Hero 6 is an animated adventure film with exciting characters, clever plot twists, and plenty of heart.

It’s an excellent movie for all ages and features diverse characters to learn from and relate to.

We’ve only scratched the surface of unraveling the mystery behind these fantastic characters.

 To gain a deeper understanding, it takes multiple viewings to appreciate every detail this movie offers.