Why I’m Been Disqualified From Paid Surveys?

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May 23, 2021
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Why I’m Been Disqualified From Paid Surveys?


This theme is so important that it deserves a post dedicated to explaining why you can get disqualified from paid surveys.

I have taken surveys for cash, for many years and i understand your frustration for being disqualified from a survey.

Imagine doing a survey for let’s say 20 min and in the end, it doesn’t give you the reward.

That is annoying, to say the least. Believe me, i know. with time i learned to recognize patterns.

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When You Can Be Disqualified From Paid Surveys :

1-Classification Questions:

  • Here is where you should be disqualified for a survey if your demographics or profile don’t fit the survey topic.
  • If you say you work in marketing or a market research agency.

2-The Main Questions:

  • Here you get disqualified if you rush and don’t read the questions.
  • If the quota for survey takers with your background is met while you are completing the questions
  • Also if you fail a quality control question.
  • The survey algorithm indicated that you were being dishonest

3-The End Questions:

  • Is rare to be disqualified at this phase but it can happen if the quota of the surveys is reached.

Tips To Not Get Disqualified From Paid Surveys?

  • Take your time to complete each survey.
  • Remember your profile because you will be asked for several times the classifications questions.
  • Is less likely that a quota of a survey fills in the morning because most people are working or at school.
  • Give accurate data, some times you will get to answer the same question twice, this is done to check if you paying attention.
  • Be careful when you see along column or columns of questions, surveys companies tend to mask security questions there.
  • If the survey says don’t print screen or change tabs, follow instructions. Don’t do it, they could think you are trying to steal vital information from a future product and can even ban you or in the worst case take legal action against you.
  • Aim for short surveys, Short surveys tend to pay less than longer ones, but they’re usually easier to qualify for too.

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Other Things That Can Get You Disqualified From Paid Surveys

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Other Things that Can Happen at any Time are:

  •  Loss of internet.
  • A technical glitch in the survey.
  •  The survey server gets unresponsive.

One thing you can do if there is a technical problem is to copy the survey link and contact your survey panel with a support ticket, if it’s a technical issue they will credit you the reward.

That’s why some surveys panel give a small incentive to panelists even if they fail or get disqualified from a survey.

The big issue here is that if you keep doing bad things to get yourself disqualified, then you could stop getting invited to surveys, or worse – get kicked off the panel completely.

Trust me the best you can do is take a deep breath, if you are annoying, cool down, and continue with another survey.

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Frecuent Asked Questions

What Happens If You Do Not Match the Type of Person They Are Looking For?

If your answers do not match the type of person they are looking for, your answers are excluded from the final survey results and the survey will end.

What was the problem?

When you’re disqualified, your demographic could have matched what the survey needed, but some other issue prevented you from moving forward with the survey.

What if I get disqualified from surveys?

If you continuously get disqualified from surveys rather than getting screened out, the site is going to eventually figure out that something is going on that shouldn’t be.

How do I get screened out or disqualified from online surveys?

Getting screened out typically means that your information didn’t qualify you to take a survey.

What is the difference between being screened out and disqualified?

When a survey tells you that you didn’t qualify, it’s usually because something in the way you answered questions didn’t work.

Do I need to lie?

I do not condone lying or anything like that.

What is the benefit of being honest?

It makes their job easier and you qualify for more surveys.

What are the benefits of taking surveys?

Sure, it’s great to take online surveys because of the money and rewards you get for them.

What are the problems with online surveys?

The problem is that if that’s the only reason you’re taking them, you probably won’t be a very valuable panel member to the companies who ask for your help through the surveys they give you.

What are the disqualification questions?

Sometimes, survey panels will insert funny disqualification questions into their screeners just for fun and to see if you’re paying attention.

What is a Disqualification Question?

These are essentially a set of questions that are asked at the beginning of a survey to ensure that you are the right fit for completing the study.

What are the problems with this?

Although market researchers need a way to filter out people who aren’t a good fit for a paid survey, it still takes the survey taker time to answer these few preliminary questions, and when this inability to complete surveys happens over and over again, the time spent on attempting to complete studies really adds up.

What if I do not complete the profilers?

If you choose not to bother completing the profiling questionnaires in your account, you will still receive invitations for online surveys to complete but not as many as if you complete them.

What are the Benefits of Completing Surveys?

As well, being one of the first people to access a survey means your chances of being disqualified are lower and the cash rewards higher.

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Getting screened out can be a major pain in the neck.

Sometimes you can’t avoid it, like when your demographic has been filled. Other times you have a little more control, such as when you are answering questions about yourself.

Just remember to be consistent with the information you provide about yourself, take your time, and pay attention to the questions.

If you do those three things, you will avoid being screened out as much as possible.

And, of course, keep your profile information updated!

That way, when you go to qualify, you’re not getting disqualified because you’re answering something correctly now, but it doesn’t match with the information you have in your profile from a year ago.

Good luck!



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