The 7 Worst Mistakes Paid Surveys Rookies Make

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There are many paid survey opportunities out there, but not all of them are worth your time.

You don’t want to waste any more of your time on surveys that won’t pay you or provide the right rewards for the amount of work you’re doing.

We all make mistakes in our daily lives, is part of our human nature to be wrong sometimes.

Especially when you are new, and not sure what to do.

That’s why I’m going to share with you 7 mistakes newbies make when they start taking surveys and how to avoid them!

Without more delay let’s see them.

Worst Mistakes New Surveys Takers Do

I’ve been working in the survey industry for a number of years now and I’m often asked by newbies what mistakes they should avoid.

The following are the seven most common ones that you need to know about:

1. Don’t Check if a Survey Site is Legitimate.

The world wide web or the internet as we all know it has grown exponentially in the last years.

Same grow experienced the dangers of potential scammers online.

Sadly not all survey panels treat their panelists fair or there are fake versions of them.

A few things to consider are.

Look for red flags like:

  • if it’s too good to be true then probably isn’t.
  • never pay to join a survey panel(membership is free in all trustworthy panels).
  • Don’t give personal key information like Social Security Numbers or bank accounts.
  • Look for reviews online and what people are saying.

The good news is that more people are aware of these kinds of scams and these fake survey panels are less seen.

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2. Give False Information When Register

In all survey panels, you will find these sections called “Profiles Questions”.

They are divided into categories like Age, Gender, Family income, etc.

The main purpose is to find relevant surveys for you based on your profile.

Now giving false information is not the main problem.

The problem is not remembering it all the time.

Have you ever heard this “If you want to catch a lier ask the same questions more than once”

Our mind is a tricky place; if you ever filled the profile questions, you will notice lots of them.

And you will be asked these profile questions hundreds of times if you take surveys regularly.

Market research companies use this method to keep the quality of respondents and make sure that you are a good fit for the survey you are taking.

The benefit of giving false information is that you would have more surveys available to complete.

With more surveys available to you, the higher the income you will do from paid surveys.

But the chance of getting banned for giving false information increases if you don’t remember each time your fake profile.

At any given time you will start to fail quality questions and your account will be flagged.

So my best advice is to give always real information, that way you will not be at risk of your account being banned and rewards removed.

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3. Use Personal Email to Register.

Using your primary email to register is not completely bad, depending on your organization.

Many people will advise you to have a separate email account.

That way the incoming survey invitations are separate from your primary email and you don’t lose an opportunity to fill those surveys.

But you can use your personal email also by setting a rule.

On most email services, you can create new folders and name them, for example, “Surveys from xxxx”.

Then create a rule that any new mail that comes from the “x-sender=your surveys panel” that arrives in your inbox goes to that folder.

A benefit of using this method is that in many surveys panels like IOpenUSA.

The email you use to register is the one that is sent your rewards.

Meaning if you ask for a Paypal payment, that email must be your primary mail-in Paypal too.

But you can update or change it later or add a secondary mail to PayPal to receive your payments.

4. Lack of Patience

This is one of the main mistakes Paid Surveys Rookies Make, Why?.

  • Market research studies are not designed to make you rich or replace your job.
  • they rush or give random clicks to get the rewards.
  • Give up too soon before things get better.

I know trust me, I have been years answering surveys, and still today I feel outrageous when a survey kicks me out after 10 minutes of filling forms.

 I have developed what I call tolerance when taking paid surveys online.

Going to explain this in more detail so you can understand it.

When a survey is created by a market research company, it goes live and is available for all the survey panels that exist out there to be presented and filled by their panelists.

this survey has a cap example: they want to know the opinion of 5000 men, caucasian, aged 30 to 40, etc.

When the survey reaches these quotas it closes.

Lesson> At any given time that you are filling a survey it can close because it reaches its target quota.

It’s good to understand this because many people get upset or frustrated and start to say this is a scam but it is not.

You will see in this case the “QUOTA FULL” message.

Another thing that causes frustration is the security questions.

I remember a few years ago surveys had no security questions until some clever boys invented bots to fill surveys, and there born the security questions.

Also, they are intended to disqualify those who rush or give random clicks without reading the answers. A common mistake among rookies.

Wich is our next topic.

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5. Speed Up or Rush the Answers.

This is one of the main problems each survey taker faces, not only Rookies.

Is so easy just to give some random clicks and just hit CONTINUE, your promised reward is at the end of those forms.

The problem is that the data that this kind of activity generates is useless for market research.

Remember market research companies expend millions of dollars so you have the opportunity to influence and make better the products that your self will be using tomorrow.

That way measures like “quality questions born”

Types of undesirable respondents:

  • Speeders are, as the name implies, people who speed through entire surveys, and/or people who speed through grid questions specifically. Speeders are typically caught using timestamps and often tend to straight line. They are one of the easier types of undesirable respondents to weed out of a panel.
  • Fraudulent respondents are those who misrepresent themselves by using fake names and/or addresses to create a fake identity. Market research firms frequently use source testing to determine whether or not a respondent is fraudulent. They may also cross-reference the registration data they receive with existing databases of blacklisted respondents.
  • Inattentive respondents are those who, intentionally or not, do not put much thought into the way they answer a survey.

reference survey police “Why Your Survey Panel Account Got Deactivated

6. Don’t Use the Resources Available Correctly

Many people don’t realize that survey panels are a community.

That if you need help, just with a support ticket you will have a straight answer to your problem.

Also, most panels have the FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions) with lots of answers to common doubts you may have.

Tip> You can use google autofill or Roboform to automatically fill information on some forms saving you of giving some extra clicks.

7. Bank Large Sums of Cash.

Surveys panels are not banks, any unpredictable situation could happen and you will lose your hard earning rewards.

My best advice is to always ask for your reward when you reach the minimum required to cash out.

The money that is in your pocket is more secure than in your surveys panel account.

let’s use an example: 

Imagine that your minimum to cash out is 10 USD by PayPal, but you decided to ask for a payment when you reach 50 USD in surveys rewards.

Time passed and you now have 40 USD.

You have been speeding up and writing nonsense as answers to surveys in the last few days.

Next time you try to log in, but you noticed that cant, you write a support ticket and get this reply”Your account has been banned because violated our policy”

You lost the whole money (40 USD) instead of asking for four payments of 10 USD.

Trust me i have seen this several times, so avoid this mistake.


We hope you found our tips for taking surveys helpful.

If you’re interested in getting experience and building up your skills, we recommend that you sign up for more surveys.

The more surveys you take the better you will become at answering them.

Keep practicing to get good! It’s normal to make mistakes when starting out but don’t give up! Like any other skill, it takes time and patience before become proficient.

One of the most common errors is disqualification from a survey because of an incorrect answer or not reading the instructions correctly so please read carefully and try re-taking if disqualified.

And lastly, If this post has helped you in any way please consider joining us or sharing it with your friends so others can benefit from it as well.

Thank you again for reading!


10 Worst Mistakes Newbie Surveys Takers Make