Mywawavisit – Wawa Customer Satisfaction Survey (WELCOME)

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Mywawavisit – Wawa Customer Satisfaction Survey (WELCOME)

Are you a frequent visitor to Wawa?

Have you ever wondered if your opinion could make a difference in improving their services?

Well, now is your chance to do so.

Take the My Wawa Visit Survey and help them improve their customer experience.

In addition, as a token of gratitude for participating in the survey, participants are entered into a sweepstake to win a $500 gift card!

Wawa is one of the most popular convenience store chains in America.

Its fresh food and beverage options and excellent customer service have gained popularity.

The company values customer feedback and consistently strives to enhance its overall experience at each location.

About the Wawa Company

About the Wawa Company

Wawa is a chain of convenience stores and gas stations located along the East Coast of the United States, with more than

800 locations in

Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Washington, d.c, Virginia, and Florida.

The company was founded in 1964 as a dairy farm and has since expanded into the retail food business.

In addition to selling fuel, Wawa stores offer a self-service café with made-to-order sandwiches, salads, and a wide selection

of snacks and drinks.

Since its founding, Wawa has been a privately held company based in Wawa, Pennsylvania.

For more information about Wawa, visit

Wawa Survey Requirements

Wawa Survey Requirements

  • To take the Wawa Survey, you must have visited a Wawa store within the last 30 days and have their receipts handy.
  • You must complete the survey within three days of visiting the store.
  • You will need to answer a series of questions about their recent visit, including whether they were satisfied with their experience, what they purchased, and how likely they are to return.
  • Open to legal residents of the 50 United States and the District of Columbia.
  •  Eighteen years of age or older.
  • Wawa employees are not eligible to participate in the Wawa customer satisfaction survey.
  • Limit one prize per person per Entry Period

How to Take My Wawa Visit Survey at

How to Take My Wawa Visit Survey at

Click Here To Take The MyWawa Visit Survey

Follow these Steps to Take the Mywawavisit survey:

  1. Go to the official survey website at
  2.  You will need the store number and the survey code(both are on your most recent purchase receipt.)
  3. Click on the Next Button.
  4. You will be asked to answer several questions regarding your most recent experience at Wawa, like the quality of the service and friendly staff.
  5. Upon completing the survey, you must enter your name, address, e-mail address, and telephone number to contact you if you are a winner.


What are the Wawa survey Rewards?

What are the Wawa survey Rewards

You will get a Wawa $ 500 Gift Card if you are the Grand Prize winner.

The prize is fractioned as follows:

  • The Grand Prize is Free Hoagies for a Year(one Classic Hoagie per week for fifty-two weeks). The prize will be awarded fifty-two free classic Hoagie coupons.
  • The Grand Prize winner will also receive a gift basket of Wawa merchandise valued at approximately $75.

Apart from the grand prize winner, five winners will get the following:

  • Each First Prize will consist of a $25 Wawa gift card and a gift basket of Wawa merchandise valued at approximately $75. 
Click Here To Take The MyWawa Visit Survey

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Tips to save money at the Wawa Restaurants

Here are some tips to save money at Wawa Restaurants:

1. Use the Wawa app: The Wawa app offers a variety of ways to save money, including:

  • Gas discounts: You can get up to 15 cents off per gallon of gas when you pay through the app.
  • Daily deals: The app features daily deals on food and drinks, such as $1 iced coffees and $2 cheesesteaks.
  • Rewards program: You can earn points for every purchase you make at Wawa, which can be redeemed for free food and drinks.

2. Take advantage of Wawa’s freebies: Wawa offers a number of freebies, including:

  • Free coffee: You can get a free cup of coffee on any size every Monday when you pay with the Wawa app.
  • Free birthday drink: Sign up for Wawa’s rewards program and you’ll get a free drink on your birthday.
  • Free snacks: Wawa offers a variety of free snacks, such as pretzels, cookies, and fruit, at its checkout counters.

3. Order ahead: If you’re short on time, you can order your food ahead through the Wawa app. This will save you time waiting in line and you can earn points towards your rewards.

4. Share your food: Wawa’s portions are often large, so you can easily share a meal with a friend or family member. This will save you money and you’ll both get to enjoy a delicious meal.

5. Bring your own drinks: Instead of buying bottled drinks at Wawa, bring your own reusable water bottle or coffee mug. This will save you money and help reduce waste.

6. Look for coupons and deals: Wawa often offers coupons and deals, both in the store and online. You can also find coupons in local newspapers and circulars.

7. Avoid peak times: Wawa is typically busiest during lunch and dinner hours. If you can, try to avoid these times to save money on your order.

8. Choose cheaper options: Wawa offers a variety of food and drink options at different price points. Opt for the cheaper options, such as sandwiches, salads, and soups, to save money on your meal.

By following these tips, you can save money on your next Wawa trip and enjoy delicious food and drinks without breaking the bank.

Frequently Asked Questions of the Wawa Survey.

The Wawa Survey is a great way to get feedback from customers about their experience at our stores.

Here are some frequently asked questions about the survey:

Who can take the Wawa Survey?

Any customer who has recently visited a Wawa store can take the survey.

How do I take the Wawa Survey?

You can access the survey online at Enter the survey code and the store number from your receipt to begin.

What do I need to take the Wawa Survey?

All you need is your receipt from a recent visit to a Wawa store. The survey code is at the bottom of the ticket.

How long does the Wawa Survey take?

The survey should only take a few minutes to complete.

What happens after I take the Wawa Survey?

Wawa will use your feedback to help improve the customer experience at Wawa stores. You may also be allowed to enter sweepstakes to win prizes.


In conclusion, taking the My Wawa Visit Survey is a great way to score a 500 Gift Card.

The survey only takes a few minutes and is an easy way to win a significant prize.

Could you let me know what you’re waiting for?

Take the Wawa customer satisfaction survey now!