Paid Surveys the Best Way to Make Money Online

The Devastating Impact of Coronavirus on Paid Surveys
The Devastating Impact of Coronavirus on Paid Surveys
March 24, 2022
5 Powerful Habits to Master for Success in Paid Surveys
5 Powerful Habits to Master for Success in Paid Surveys
April 9, 2022

 I want to thank you for reading this article. 

I hope it’s helpful to you.

I have been taking paid surveys for the last nine years, and I will do my best to help you learn more about this incredible opportunity.

Paid Surveys are fantastic, but you can quickly get fatigued if you need help understanding what to accomplish.

I was once a paid survey rookie, just like you, and I made many mistakes that I could have avoided if I had someone to guide me.

This study aims to educate you on paid surveys and how they work.

It is jam-packed with insider tips that can help you get started successfully.

Learn and prosper!

 Is Your Opinion Worth Cash-on-hand?

I reached paid surveys when I spent days exploring for assignments on the Internet.

 I saw a market research website that proposed $10 for responding to a survey one day.

 I didn’t think I would ever get paid to do some survey, but I had nothing better to do that day, so I decided to go ahead.

 It took about 20 minutes to complete.

 When I received a $10 reward from this company one week later, I realized it was for real!

This world was new for me, But paid surveys are not recent!.

 Marketers have researched people’s opinions for decades to explore customer opinions about their products.

Is your Opinion Worth Cash-on-hand

 The Reason is Simple:

 The better they know us as consumers, the better the products they can produce.

Every year companies and institutions spend over 700 million dollars on advertising to convince consumers to purchase new products.

 That’s amazing!

A significant part of this money is dedicated to market research because corporations face the main challenge of getting into people’s heads.

Millions of new products and services are released every year, but many fail to pass this filter. 

These companies invest enormous efforts in developing new successful products, but they often miss what consumers want. 

For marketers, it’s a fatal flaw, and failing to know what consumers want, leads to a big marketing catastrophe.

A notable illustration of an ingenious creation that went bad in the marketplace is ThirstyDog and ThirstyCat. 

The first bottled water was explicitly created for dogs and cats.

 The water was full-bodied of vitamins and minerals, and its carbonated savors contained crispy beef for dogs and spicy fish for cats.

 They advertised this product via television ads, radio spots, billboards, and vouchers in newspapers.

And displays are distributed through supermarkets and pet stores.

The result was a big flop! , The product concept was original, but consumers didn’t accept it.

 Millions of bucks were funded in creating and announcing this product, but they spent it in desperation because the marketer

didn’t get into the client’s head.

 A comprehensive survey performed among pet landlords could have made a distinction and saved millions of dollars sponsored in

this product.

Marketers Have Used Surveys for Years

Savvy marketers have employed surveys for years to investigate buyer needs.

 People like you and I get invitations to give their opinions on diverse topics, and this knowledge is valuable to elaborate their

marketing strategies.

Corporations are inclined to pay for our opinions because they need to know what consumers want quickly, and besides, very few

people will give this information for free.

 It creates a perfect business sense for them, and it’s an excellent opportunity for you and me.

Your opinion is worth money, to make it short and to the point!.

 How much?.

 I’ll answer this query in the next section.

Before you read on, I suggest you join us.

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 The Most Popular Surveys to Take


Today the most widespread surveys are

Today the Most widespread Surveys Are: 

  • Online Surveys

     Are so easy that giving your opinion is straightforward and fun.

  • Focus Groups:

     You partake in a discussion conducted among a small number of people. These conversations are engaging, and they pay the best.

  • Shopping Surveys:

     You get paid to shop at the mall or eat at cafeterias! No schemes! You must fill out a questionnaire regarding your consumer experience.

You can get reimbursed:

$5 – $75 to take online surveys

$10 – $50 to partake in shopping surveys

$20 – $250 to experience in focus clusters

The most suitable surveys pay up to $250 an hour because these organizations know this knowledge will give them an advantage

in the market and produce more profit.

Remark: Let me drive myself clear. I am not pleading that you will complete $250 an hour every day. 

I’m also not saying you will earn $75 for every online survey you finalize.

 But from learning, I know that you can effortlessly earn extra money every month, laboring in your spare period with hundreds of

online paid surveys and mystery shopping assignments sent straight to your email. 

Occasionally, you will accept an invitation for a 1-2 hour focus group that pays as much as $250 per session!

 How Can You Profit From Every Type of Survey?

  • Online Surveys:

Online surveys are a relatively new medium utilized in marketing research to gather consumer behavior data. 

Individuals get asked to fill out surveys on the Internet and give their views on diverse subjects. 

Participants like you and I get bonuses for achieving these surveys.

At least 50% of consumer opinions are collected with paid online surveys.

 It is easy to comprehend why?.

 Marketers can collect consumer opinions fast and cost-effectively with paid online surveys. 

Providing incentives to web players is much cheaper and more efficient than surveying customers on-site, by telephone, or mail.

Marketers have been utilizing opinion studies for decades to explore customer needs. 

Paid online surveys are an incredible possibility for all of us.

I advise you to read our blog for more details and increase your likelihood of being a successful paid surveys taker:

iOpenUSA Blog

Some of the titles to start:

 Introduction to IOpenUSA Paid Surveys Online

How Paid Surveys Work

How to Answer Paid Surveys

  • Focus Groups

A focus group is a private discussion simultaneously operated among a small number of people; the argument relies more on

group dialogue than on a sequence of mandated queries to develop data.

 It is even named an in-depth group discussion.

Unlike the one-way flow of knowledge in a one-on-one discussion, paid focus groups render the data via the give and take of the

group discussion.

 Listening as individuals transmit and resemble their different points of view.

Delivers knowledge about what they think and why they feel the way they do.

When compelled, potential players obtain a brief explanation of what the focus group will be about and warranties that their

participation is entirely voluntary and kept secret.

With focus groups, you will get invitations to spend 1-2 hours with a cluster of 6 to 12 people to examine a product or any other

trade concept.


The session occurs in social circumstances with a snack in between.

There are exchanges of opinions and thoughts during this group session to understand consumer perspectives and perceptions.

There are numerous advantages to focus groups:

  • Can collect a broad range of information in a relatively short period. 
  • The market research business can research related but spontaneous issues in the meeting.

Focus groups pay healthily – parties can make up to $250 per session.

These dialogues are invigorated and engaging, and they can be a lot of delight.

  • Mystery Shopping

Mystery shopping is exceptionally much like everyday shopping, but for money!.

 You must be alert to some points during your shopping trip and inform them of the mystery shopping organizations that hire you.

 You can get paid for consuming at first-class cafes, shopping at the mall, visiting hotels, and going to the films.

Let’s take a mystery shopping job at a shoe shop, for instance:

Your secret shopping job: 

You run into the ABC Shoe Store on a Monday afternoon, and you see signs indicating advertising on all Nikes (20% off) in the

store exhibition window. 

A salesman called “Andrew” welcomes you and says you can get an extra 20% off on all Nikes.

 You thank him and then walk to the Nike shoe area, and you pick up one pair of Nikes.

 Another salesman called “Michael” comes to you and asks if everything is OK. 

You tell Michael you wonder what the distinction is between this Nike shoe you are carrying and the group of New Balance shoes

near it.

 Michael demonstrates some facts about the different fabrics utilized, manufacturing processes, etc.

You tell him you like to try a few Nikes in size 10. 

He gives them to you. You test on the shoes, but they are too big.

 You ask for a more diminutive size, and Michael arrives back with a size 9.

 They fit. You tell Michael you like to carry the shoes. 

He asks if you would like a duo of socks with the shoes. 

They’re 50% off when bought with a pair of shoes.

 You decide to purchase the socks too.

 Michael smiles and tingles up everything fast and efficiently. 

You leave the store thinking you got a good deal and valuable assistance. 

You acted like a routine consumer, and nobody would think you existed as a mystery shopper.

Your mystery shopping report:

You fill out a questionnaire describing your consumer knowledge and respond to specific queries about the advertising

posters ” give this a view,   whether the salesman welcomed you, whether the salesman informed you about the socks and

additional add-on by-products, etc.

You transmit this questionnaire by fax or email to the mystery shopping corporations that hired you for this assignment.

Your Payment for this mystery shopping job:

  • You preserve the Nike shoes for free.
  • You get reimbursed $15 to $50.

Did you ever desire to get paid for shopping, eat out at cafes, or go to the local cinema?.

 Now you can assemble that dream into a fact as a mystery shopper.

The advantages of mystery shopping are plenty.

You get free things and capital.

 Your hours are relaxed.

 Your job is mixed and entertaining, and you are comfortable assisting in improving the grade of services known to shoppers.

 Tips to Make Your Survey Experience Successful

Tips to Make Your Survey Experience Successful

Tip #1: Take your time, and don’t rush when answering the surveys.

 There are many security questions inside the surveys designed to catch if you dont read the questions.

Tip #2: Get every online paid survey possibility you can.

 To demonstrate your trustworthiness as a Survey Taker. 

Once you show reliability, you will get better and higher-paid surveys in your mailbox. 

Later on, you will be capable of leaving the lower-paying survey sites if you desire

Tip #3: Mix all kinds of surveys

To make the best achievable income, you should integrate all sorts of surveys:

  • Online surveys
  • focus groups
  • And mystery shopping jobs.

 Taking online surveys is good, but taking online surveys only is missing out on some of the best chances to earn money!.

 According to our knowledge, top performers save at least 50% of their time on Mystery Shopping and focus groups because they produce the most cash-on-hand, and it’s fun.

Their downside is that might not be too many projects in your area.

Remark: At IOpenUSA Paid Online Surveys, members get access to a board of surveys to take, so it’s easy to get started.

Tip #4: Set up a reliable email inbox

Once you start reporting with many companies, you will acquire plenty of invitations, and you don’t want to forget any of these possibilities. 

For this cause, we highly suggest setting up a different email address for

Everything corresponding to paid surveys. 

Maintaining a separate email account devoted to surveys won’t mix your survey-related emails with other emails, and you won’t skip any survey prospects. 

You can select a free email account at or 

In our opinion, these are the most useful unrestricted email services on the web.

Tip #5: Make your life more comfortable and preserve your fingers by using Roboform

Roboform will automatically fill in your data when signing up for paid surveys.

 Preserving your time can usually be achieved with one mouse click.

Tip #6: Fill out the profile area of paid survey sites

When participating in online paid surveys, a lot will hinge upon your profile. 

Where you live, your age, and your habits. 

Your profile will increase your chance of qualifying for the surveys.

Inspect everything you are even remotely interested in or know anything about when you suffice your profile. 

This will decide how many surveys you will get. 

The better and more complete information you have on your profile, the better surveys you will be qualified to complete.

Tip #7: Maintain paid survey sites in a separate folder.

Be sure to keep the sites where you need to log in.

 You may want to assemble a folder with individual files for each of your paid survey sites and maintain them in a folder in your documents. 

To help you keep arranged, you will have your user name and password at your fingertips. 

That way is easier to check if they have any surveys open for you to take.

Tip #8: Create a PayPal account

Opening a PayPal account might be appropriate if you don’t own one. 

You can proceed to to sign up.

 Most of the paid online survey sites use PayPal to dispatch Payment.

 It is a quick and straightforward method, and your details are safe with them.

 Don’t Make this Beginner’s Mistake!

Don't Make this Beginner's Mistake

If you joined the survey panels suggested in former parts of this post, you are likely very excited about joining more. 

I was too when I first found this fantastic possibility. 

I was so keen to start making money that I started signing up like wild with all the survey parties I could find.

Later I learned that it was a misstep!

What’s terrible with hooking as many survey companies as you can? Nothing is wrong. 

The more survey companies you enter, the more surveys you will be requested to complete, making more money.

The issue is which survey companies you decide to join.

 Signing up with all survey companies without determining which ones are honest and which ones are not is a BIG MISTAKE.

The horrible thing is that you will get unhappy with paid surveys because you didn’t register with the right companies!

To make it work, you must register with honest companies only!

How can you distinguish between good and bad survey companies

Legitimate survey companies relent with the following rules:

  • Your privacy and the privacy of your responses are guaranteed.
  • They will not barter you anything under the market research cover, and you will get paid on time for the surveys you choose to take.

Unlawful companies typically do the following:

  • They try to market you something, and they swear great rewards.
  • Most of the time, nonentity gets these rewards!
  • The Terms & Conditions of these companies (which are in tiny print at the footing of their websites) state they can deal with or distribute your info without requesting any further authorization!

If you want to make money and have joy with paid surveys, you must join fair companies.

Like IOpenUSA, it is considered one of the leading online panel companies in the industry.

 Since 2016, it has provided customers with the power to express their opinions by partaking in online surveys and focus groups. 

Last year, it paid its members $2,000,000 in cash!.

 IOpenUSA is an excellent example of a legitimate survey company.

 Make Sure you Get Surveys!

Make Sure you Get Surveys!

I received many emails from people who told me they had joined a survey company and hadn’t received any surveys yet.

I did a short study and found that most people don’t know that enrollment is a two-step process.

 That is why some people never receive surveys!

Let’s take an example. Do you remember the IOpenUSA Paid Online Surveys panel I recommended before?

Registration is straightforward and takes only 2-3 minutes.

 After you have registered, you will acquire an account to track your payments, see the surveys you have completed, and ask for

your price.

The procedure is the same for other panels as well!

However, most people conclude they only need to signup and fill out the initial forms and think they have done all.

 Then they get bitter because they don’t receive any surveys.

Many surveys sites state that you will receive a confirmation email with a welcome link after finishing the first web forms.

 It would be best if you completed that welcome survey to accept any subsequent surveys.

If you don’t finish it, they will interpret it as a lack of interest and never contact you again.

So always recall checking your inbox for the welcome email after enlisting with a survey company.

See some of the rewards IOpenUSA has to Offer.

How Getting Paid For Taking Surveys Works

It’s an easy three steps process to make it work for you:

Step 1: Join an experienced paid surveys panel.

The most challenging part about getting paid with surveys online is discovering a reliable company, screening out all the scams on

the Internet, holding only legitimate companies, and listing the best prospects first, so money comes faster.

That’s a lot of work!

Remark: IOpenUSA brings you the most professional resource of paid surveys, focus groups, and online shopping jobs. 

You will have all you need to grow.

Step 2: Accept Paid Surveys, Focus Groups, and Secret Shopping Jobs

All these possibilities want the same thing: 

Your opinion!.

 You should merge them and join a professional panel that offers (online surveys, focus groups, and mystery shopping evaluations).

Look at This image, is the type of invitation you can receive on IOpenUSA Paid Online Surveys.:

IOpenUSA survey invitation

$1.13 for 10 minutes of your time. Wow! It is not bad.

And you will find inside the iOpenUSA panelist portal more surveys like his one.

Critical remark: I don’t plead that you will get $1 surveys every day, all the time. 

I can assure you will have tons of offers, paying extra cash for your opinion: Ranging from $0.50, $1, $2, $5, $10, and more. 

You constantly know up-front what you will get. 

You can effortlessly earn money every month with invitations sent straight to your email with all of them jointly.

 Get Your Money, Free Products, and Prizes

Many organizations pay cash, but other prizes motivate people to participate in paid online surveys. 

You can earn free products, gift certificates, be joined in a sweepstake, or get “money” that you can later redeem for cash.

How much you will get paid relies on the specific survey, focus group, or shopping job you have finished. 

Some companies pay instantly via PayPal, and others will dispatch you a check by mail.

 You’ll constantly know the details in advancement before you participate.

Remark: The best-paid surveys are the ones that pay cash!

 This is why IOpenUSA Paid Surveys list them first.

>> Learn more about IOpenUSA Paid Surveys

Get Evidence it works!

Most individuals are excited to start accepting paid surveys, but multiple don’t do it because they are doubtful. 

They don’t think that they can get paid just for communicating their impartial opinion, and they need Proof to accept it:

“Did you say PAID surveys? Show me the money!”

iopenusa Win Amazon Gift Card Codes by Taking Surveys

 Are Surveys a Waste of Time?

How are you accomplishing with surveys?

I hope you are welcoming many invitations but

It would be OK if you understood that joining only 4-5 companies isn’t enough to receive daily surveys.

 Each market research company runs its surveys and will invite-only people enlisted with them to take surveys.

 The more different companies you sign up with, the more surveys you will obtain! It’s as simple as that.

Joining a few survey organizations is a good start, but earning a new income stream isn’t enough.

A professional database can be valuable to new people for paid surveys. 

I have registered with over 10 companies since taking surveys nine years ago.

 I consumed a lot of time finding these companies, and I dumped many of them because they were scams!

With a professional database, you can bypass this hassle.

 You get entry to a vast collection of legitimate survey companies and the best prospects so that you can assemble the highest

amount of money as quickly and as fast as feasible.

 Get Equipped to Earn Money

Get Equipped to Earn Money.

Accepting paid surveys is a perfect way to make money from home.

During the past nine years, I have studied this opportunity in depth and worked a lot on making the most experienced resource in this field.

But to tell you the truth, my goal wasn’t to take surveys! I desired to make money, and surveys were one path to accomplish this goal.

You, too, are probably thinking of paid surveys to make money, but I suppose that, like me, you are open to other promising opportunities as well.

Because I comprehend your need to make money from home, I wrote many blog posts that go far beyond paid surveys.

I have researched many ways to make money from home during the past few years, and I want to transmit my experience to you

and give you top-notch info about other possibilities. 

Discovering all these possibilities was costly and time-consuming. 

To deliver you the most significant value, I offer them all within IOpenUSA Blog.

It will save you a massive amount of time and money, and you will get connected only to the very best.

With a full membership to IOpenUSA Paid Surveys, you get access to the best way to make money from home:

Path #1 Earn cash-on-hand with your opinion:

  • Paid Surveys (online surveys, focus groups)
  • Mystery Shopping (shopping surveys)


This report is planned to familiarize you with paid surveys. 

We wish you appreciated reading it and are on your way to success with paid surveys.

 You can now complete an informed determination and take it to the next level with IOpenUSA Paid Online Surveys, the most

experienced resource in this industry. 

You also understand that this benefit goes far past paid surveys and that you will obtain a complete set of knowledge to make cash

from home.

I wish you all the finest in your online venture.

 It’s easy to get paid with IOpenUSA Paid Online Surveys