5 Unforgivable Survey Profile Mistakes Everyone Makes

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5 Unforgivable Survey Profile Mistakes Everyone Makes

We all make mistakes when filling out our survey profiles.

But a few mistakes are so common that they’re practically unforgivable. 

This guide will highlight the five most common mistakes that we see survey takers make and explain how to avoid them. 

What is a Profile Survey?

A Profile Survey is a survey that asks you to provide information about your demographic, background, experience, and interests.

 It’s typically the first survey you’ll take when you join a survey site, and it’s the starting point for many of your interactions with survey sites

You’ll answer questions to gather basic demographic information like your age, gender, and location on a typical profile survey. 

You’ll also face questions that help the site tailor your experience, like what types of surveys you’re interested in taking and how often you can complete them.

Why filling out your Panel Surveys Profile is Essential?

Why filling out your Panel Surveys Profile is Essential

You’ve taken a survey and filled in a long and tedious questionnaire. You’ve even answered a range of questions about your likes and dislikes. But have you ever stopped to wonder why the survey was asking you those questions in the first place?

The information you provide on your profile survey is the first step in making you a target for targeted surveys. 

Being as descriptive as possible ensures that the survey site displays your most desirable survey.

 You can also avoid filling out some of the more difficult questions by being specific in your answers.

For example, instead of writing “I am a student aged 18-25”, you can refine that to “I’m an 18-year-old student”.

 Top Survey Profile Mistakes to Avoid 

Top Survey Profile Mistakes to Avoid

 Some of the most noticeable mistakes in your survey profile are related to a lack of attention to detail. 

You’re sitting at your computer, mindlessly answering questions and hoping for the best. 

Unfortunately, that’s not how you want your survey profile to look. 

You want to make an excellent first impression, starting with a killer survey profile.

So you can avoid being disqualified before you even begin taking surveys.

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 1. Filling out your Profile Incorrectly:

One of the most common mistakes regarding survey profiles is the incorrect use of personal information. 

When filling out your profile for a survey, it’s tempting to rush through it as quickly as possible. 

But that’s a big mistake, and it would be best if you took the time to make sure you’re filling it incorrectly.

The surveys panel will judge your profile based on how well it matches your answers. 

You’ll likely miss details that can make a big difference if you rush through them. 

For example, are you male or female? Are you 18 years old?

2. Not Having your Profile up to Date:

It’s tempting to keep your profile the same year after year. 

After all, you’ve been answering the same questions for years, so why change it?.

 But by doing this, you’re making it more challenging to keep up with the changes in the marketplace. 

Your profile will likely be out of date.

And market research companies will notice this. 

For example, you said that you had a son of 15 years old. 

A year passed, and you didn’t update it, when filling the profile section of a survey, they asked your son’s age, and you wrote 15 years.

See, there is a mismatch between your panel profile son’s age and the current year.

That can create a red flag and put your account under the scope for being a cheater, and we dont want that!.

3. Giving False Information:

It’s easy to provide false information; many people realize that specific profiles get more survey invitations than others. 

Wich is true; for example, houses with an income of 60 000 + USD a year tend to receive more surveys because they have a higher acquisitive level that increases their possibility to consume products, go to restaurants, cinemas, travel, etc.

But when you’re filling out your profile for a survey, you need to ensure that you’re providing accurate and up-to-date information and remember your profile because you will be asked about it several times.

You are helping your profiler maintain the appearance that you’re a reliable and active community member.

If you provide false information, you run the risk of being disqualified before you can even begin taking surveys.

4. Not Filling the Profile at 100%:

If you’re going to spend the time to fill out a survey profile, you should make sure you’re doing it at 100%.

 This means you should answer every question in the profile.

It also helps you to avoid making mistakes that can disqualify you. 

Furthermore, it will allow you to keep your profile as up-to-date as possible, which is vital for finding good survey offers relevant to your interests and goals.

The more information you provide, the better. 

 Especially true for your answers to the questions in your panel survey profile.

 You can give a lot of information that can help improve a survey company’s ability to match you with surveys that are a good fit for you. But don’t stop at just the minimum required information.

5. Forgetting your Profile Answers:

We’ve already mentioned the importance of providing accurate information in your survey profile, especially if you’re answering profile questions.

 The first question a survey will ask you is often a question about your background. 

If your profile doesn’t match your listed information, it can signal a red flag as a potential cheater.

This mistake is the more commonly seen among those that give false information.

Because the information that you provide when filling out the profile is false, it is easy to forget it.

So the issue is not giving false information in your profile.

The big problem is not remembering it !!!

When filling out a survey, it’s important to remember that there are no dumb questions. 

Some of the questions in the survey will be related to your background. But other questions will be linked to your answers to the questions in your profile. 

If you answer a question in your profile with “Yes,” but you answer a question in the survey with “No,” that can lead to confusion.

Watch Our Infographics Resuming the Information

Unforgivable Survey Profile Mistakes Everyone Makes infographic


Common Profile Questions.

  • Private Data: Your private data is all the information that’s necessary for you to join a survey site. Include your name, age, birthday, email address, job, and mailing address. This is the essential information you’ll need to start taking surveys.
  • Employment and Income Information: This is where you’ll provide more background information about your employment history and your income level. Including your job title, job description, employer name, job title, and annual salary. This info can help companies match you to surveys that are a good fit, and it can also help improve your earnings.
  • Family Information: This is where you provide information about the people living in your home, your marital status, the number of people in your household, and relationship information.
  • Payment Information: This is where you’ll provide more background information about your payment preferences. That includes your preferred survey payment method, like Paypal Payments, Amazon Gift Cards, G-Codes, and Retails Gift Cards.

Profiling Questionnaire Example


 At iOpenUSA, we cover many of the profile questions necessary to create a strong profile.

Your information is secure and safe with us; we will never ask for crucial information like your social security number or bank account.


The above list is a basic overview of what information will be asked in your panel profile.

 It’s important to remember that there are no dumb questions. 

Some of the questions in your profile will be related to your background. But other questions will be connected to your answers to the questions in your profile.

So giving accurate data is the best way to fill your profile.

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