Make Extra Money Fast with These Legit Survey Sites

Pro Tips for Successful Survey Takers
Pro Tips for Successful Surveys Takers
October 1, 2023
How to Find the Best High Paying Surveys Online
How to Find the Best High Paying Surveys Online
October 9, 2023
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Make Extra Money Fast with These Legit Survey Sites

Do you want to avoid searching endless job listings and finding one that fits your schedule or interests? 

Look no further!

If you want to make extra money fast, I have tested the below legit survey sites, which might be the answer you’ve been searching


These online platforms allow you to earn cash and rewards by sharing your opinions on various topics.

It’s a win-win situation ‚Äď companies get valuable feedback, and you get paid for your time.

 This article will explore some of the best legit survey sites to help put extra cash in your pocket.

What Are Paid Surveys?

Paid surveys are becoming increasingly popular for quick and easy extra cash.

But what exactly are they? Paid surveys are online questionnaires companies use to gather consumer feedback about their products or services.

 By participating in these surveys, you not only get an opportunity to share your opinions but also earn money or rewards in


Why are Paid Surveys an Excellent Way to Make Extra Money?

Why are paid surveys a good way to make extra money

Paid surveys are a great way to make extra money because they offer flexibility and convenience.

 Unlike traditional part-time jobs, paid surveys allow you to work from the comfort of your home at any time that suits you.

It means you can easily fit survey-taking into your schedule, whether during your lunch break or after dinner when the kids are in


Not only are they convenient, but they also require minimal effort.

Most survey sites provide pre-screening questions to match you with surveys relevant to your demographics and interests.

This ensures that the surveys you participate in are tailored to you, making them more engaging and enjoyable.

Plus, many platforms offer a variety of ways beyond surveys to earn extra cash, such as watching videos or participating in online

focus groups.

In addition to the practical benefits, paid surveys can be an opportunity for personal growth.

 By completing different types of surveys on various topics, you gain exposure to new ideas and perspectives.

Some survey sites provide educational resources or insights based on their research findings, which can expand your knowledge on various subjects.

Not only will you be earning extra money by taking paid surveys, but you will also enhance your overall understanding and

awareness through these opportunities for learning and discovery.

Legit Survey Sites for Earning Money

Here is a list of the more reliable paid survey sites:


Fill Out Surveys, Make Real Cash & Redeem Rewards Online Today

One popular survey site that stands out from the rest is iOpenUSA.

 This platform offers a wide range of surveys on various topics, making it an appealing option for those looking to make extra

money fast.

What sets iOpenUSA apart is its user-friendly interface and prompt payment system.

Users can easily navigate the available surveys and choose ones that align with their interests and preferences.

Moreover, iOpenUSA values its users’ time by ensuring that surveys are tailored to each participant’s demographic profile.

This increases the chances of qualifying for surveys and improves the overall experience.

 With fair compensation rates and a reliable platform, iOpenUSA is worth exploring for those seeking legitimate survey sites to make extra money quickly.

Payment rates



-G-CODES (10.00 USD)



РMinimum to cash out $ 10.00 

Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie banner

Click Here To Join Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is one of the most popular and reputable survey websites, helping millions earn extra money from the comfort of their homes.

Its user-friendly interface and extensive range of surveys available sets Survey Junkie apart from other survey sites.

 With Survey Junkie, you can easily navigate various categories like lifestyle, technology, food and beverages, or even fashion.

This allows you to choose surveys that align with your interests and expertise, making the experience more enjoyable.

One unique feature that makes Survey Junkie stand out is its point system.

Instead of earning cash directly, you accumulate points for completing surveys, which can later be converted into cash via PayPal

or gift cards from popular retailers such as Amazon or Target.

It adds a layer of flexibility as you can choose how to spend your rewards based on your preferences.

Another advantage that users appreciate about Survey Junkie is their commitment to security and privacy.

They have implemented stringent measures to protect user information, ensuring that personal details are kept confidential

throughout the survey-taking process.

Knowing your data is safe allows you to participate in surveys without concerns.

Payment rates

  • PayPal
  • Bank transfer
  • Amazon Gift Cards
  • Retailers Gift Cards: Target, Walmart, Sephora, Starbucks, Visa, iTunes, etc.¬†
  • Members can cash out beginning at $5 (500 points)



Click Here To join InboxDollars

One of the survey sites that has gained a lot of popularity among those looking to make extra money is InboxDollars.

Not only does it offer surveys, but there are also other ways to earn on this platform.

Users can use paid offers, watch videos, play games, and even redeem cash-back offers.

InboxDollars sets itself apart from other survey sites by offering new members a $5 sign-up bonus.

This is a great incentive to start and begin making money immediately.

Additionally, the site has a user-friendly interface that makes navigating and completing tasks simple.

One unique feature of InboxDollars is their Spin and Win game, where users can win cash prizes or sweepstakes entries with just one spin.

It adds an element of excitement to earning money online and keeps users engaged in the platform.

With all these features combined, InboxDollars provides an excellent opportunity for individuals who want to make extra cash quickly and easily through surveys and other activities.

So why not give it a try today?

Payment rates

  • PayPal cash
  • Amazon gift cards
  • All gift cards
  • The minimum to cash out is $ 30.00


OpinionInn banner

Click Here To Join OpinionInn

OpinionInn is a game-changer in the world of paid survey sites.

While many platforms may promise quick cash for completing surveys, OpinionInn stands out for its high-paying opportunities and user-friendly interface.

 One of the standout features of OpinionInn is its generous compensation Рusers can earn anywhere from $1 to $20 per survey, making it one of the highest-paying platforms available.

Another impressive aspect of OpinionInn is its wide range of survey topics.

¬†Whether you’re interested in consumer products, social issues, or current events, there’s always a survey that suits your preferences and knowledge base.

 This variety keeps things exciting and allows participants to offer opinions on topics they genuinely care about.

This sense of engagement makes completing surveys on OpinionInn feel like more than just a money-making opportunity – it becomes an enjoyable and fulfilling experience.

What sets OpinionInn apart from other survey sites is its efficient payout process. Instead of waiting weeks or months to receive your earnings, OpinionInn ensures speedy payments through various methods like PayPal and Amazon gift cards.

Additionally, the site has no minimum withdrawal threshold, allowing users to cash out their earnings whenever they want.

Overall, suppose you’re searching for a legitimate way to make extra money quickly without sacrificing quality or wasting time on low-paying surveys. In that case, OpinionInn is undoubtedly worth exploring.

Payment rates

  • $ 10.00 sign-up bonus
  • Referral bonus $ 5.00
  • Paypal Payments
  • The minimum to cash out is $ 25.00¬†

What are the benefits of using legit survey sites?

When it comes to making extra money fast, one option that often comes to mind is signing up for legitimate survey sites.

These platforms offer an excellent opportunity to earn cash by simply sharing your opinion on various topics. 

But what exactly are the benefits of using these sites?

  • First and foremost, legitimate survey sites provide flexibility and convenience. Unlike traditional part-time jobs or freelance gigs, online surveys can be completed anytime, anywhere. Whether you have a few minutes during your lunch break or a couple of hours in the evening, you can easily squeeze in some surveys and make money on your schedule.
  • Another significant advantage is the simplicity of participating in surveys. Most legit survey sites have user-friendly interfaces that make it easy for beginners to get started. You don’t need specialized skills or expertise to join these platforms ‚Äď you only need an internet connection and an opinion!
  • Furthermore, legitimate survey sites typically offer various payment options that cater to different preferences. Some sites payout via PayPal or other digital payment methods, while others provide gift cards or prepaid debit cards as rewards for completing surveys. This flexibility allows you to choose the payment method that works best for you.

Taking advantage of legit survey sites can benefit in several ways:

  • Flexibility in scheduling opportunities to participate in surveys at your convenience.
  • Simplicity through user-friendly interfaces requiring no specialized knowledge.
  • Varied payment options catering to individual preferences.

So why not give them a try? 

Start making extra money fast.

  Tips on Maximizing Earnings from Survey Sites

– Sign up for multiple survey sites to increase your earning potential.

– Be consistent and dedicated in completing surveys regularly.

– Use referral programs to earn additional income by inviting others to join.

– Please complete your profile on each survey site to ensure you receive relevant survey opportunities.

– Participate in higher-paying surveys or focus groups when available.

– Look for special promotions or bonus offers that can boost your earnings.

– Set a goal and track your progress to stay motivated and focused on maximizing your earnings.

– Cash out your earnings as soon as you reach the minimum payout threshold to avoid losing potential income.

 Success Stories of People Making Extra Money through Survey Sites

1. Emily, a stay-at-home mom with two kids. She is looking for ways to contribute to the household income while managing her responsibilities at home.

Strategy: Emily joined several reputable survey sites and dedicated a specific time each day to complete surveys. She focused on surveys that offered higher payouts and were relevant to her interests.

Tips: Emily recommends signing up for multiple survey sites to increase earning opportunities. She also suggests being consistent and setting realistic daily or weekly survey completion goals.

Earnings:¬†Emily earns an average of $200 monthly through survey sites, significantly contributing to the family’s expenses.

2. John is a college student studying part-time and working part-time at a local retail store. He wanted to make some extra cash without compromising his studies.

Strategy: John utilized his free time between classes and work shifts to complete surveys on his phone or laptop. He also signed up for survey site newsletters to receive notifications about high-paying surveys.

Tips: John advises taking advantage of referral programs offered by survey sites, as he earned additional income by referring friends and family members. He also suggests being patient and persistent, as some surveys may have specific requirements or quotas.

Earnings: John makes around $150 monthly through survey sites, which helps cover his expenses, such as textbooks and entertainment.

3. Sarah, a freelance graphic designer, is experiencing fluctuations in her income due to project-based work. She wanted a consistent way to earn additional money during slower periods.

Strategy: Sarah joined several survey sites offering higher-paying opportunities. She focused on completing surveys related to market research or product testing, utilizing her expertise in design feedback.

Tips: Sarah emphasizes providing thoughtful survey responses as it increases the chances of qualifying for more lucrative opportunities. She also recommends participating in online focus groups or panels for higher payouts.

Earnings: Sarah earns an average of $300 monthly through survey sites, a reliable backup during lean months in her freelance career.

Note:¬†Earnings can vary depending on the individual’s effort, demographics, and the survey site’s policies.


In conclusion, earning extra money with legit survey sites is a realistic and viable option for those looking to make quick cash.

These sites provide a convenient and flexible way to earn money from the comfort of your own home.

By signing up with reputable survey sites, you can participate in surveys and complete tasks that match your interests and

demographic profile.

With persistence and dedication, you can maximize your earnings and turn this side hustle into a steady income stream.

So why wait? Start exploring these legit survey sites today and start making extra money fast!


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