How to Get a Target Gift Card for Free

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Target Gift Cards can be a great way to save money while shopping.

As the holiday season rapidly approaches, many people are scurrying around for a free Target gift for their loved ones. 

Please don’t worry about anything further if you want a new gift idea.

There are three ways you can get free Target gift cards; I will review them below.

About Target


About Target

Target Corporation is an American retailing company founded on June 24, 1902, headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It is the second-largest discount retailer in the United States, behind Walmart.

The Target brand has three segments: Target Stores, which operates traditional Target stores;, which sells items online; and Marshall Field and Dayton’s, which operate department

stores under the Target nameplate.

The Target Stores are large retail stores that sell various items, including clothes, electronics, furniture, and home goods.

They are known for their low prices and wide selection of products.

They are located in all 50 states of the United States, as well as in Canada and Puerto Rico.


Types of Target Gift Cards

Target gift cards come in various shapes and sizes, each with benefits.

Here are the four most common types of Target gift cards:

target Physical cards

1. Physical cards:

The most common type of Target gift card comes in different denominations.

These cards are generally used for cash purchases at the register but can be used to pay for merchandise online.

target Egift cards

2. Egift cards:

These digital cards can be earned or purchased through the target website.

They are great for shopping online and can be used to pay for merchandise.

They have two categories:

  • Target gift cards: They represent a digital code with the same value as money and can be redeemed at Target in-store and online.
  • Specialty Gift Cards: These digital gift cards can be redeemed for retailers’ gift cards. You can purchase it in many categories, for example, Gaming, movies, entertainment, etc.

target Student-special gift cards

3. Student-special gift cards:

You can purchase them for schoolgoers or college-goers.

Each group offers similar gift cards to buy, but they consider the person’s age to suggest them.

target Corporate and Bulk Gift Cards

4. Corporate and Bulk Gift Cards:

They are intended for business consumers who desire to gift many people.

It is also possible to create a gift card.

This can be done by designing it from scratch or purchasing a template and modifying its contents.

Ways to Get Free Target Gift Cards

If you shop at Target regularly, you can quickly rack up free Target gift cards each year by taking advantage of these opportunities.

Here are a few tips :

1-Take Surveys

In today’s economy, finding ways to earn money online or new gift cards is more important than ever.

One way to do this is by taking surveys.

Many websites like iOpenUSA offer paid surveys, which are free to join.

Answer surveys can be a great way to earn rewards like Target gift cards, and it is an effortless way to do it.

You can usually earn $1 to $10 per survey.

You can request your target gift card once you reach the minimum cashout threshold(only 10 USD).

You can take as many surveys as possible to increase your target gift card balance quickly.

Join Us and start earning free Target gift cards online today.

Fill Out Surveys, Make Real Cash & Redeem Rewards Online Today

How to Redeem a Target Gift Card at iOpenUSA

How to Redeem :

  • Go to the rewards section and select GIFT CARD PASS.
  • It usually takes two to four days after a withdrawal request for a link to arrive in the mail (if it is your first cash out, it will take ten days).¬†
  • Click on the link.
  • You will go to the Virtual Incentives website To choose a gift card.
  • Select the target gift card.
  • In the next step, you will see the code for your gift card and the pin, if applicable.
  • Check out the instructions on using your free Target gift card code, such as using it online, adding it to a store app, etc.

Please take a look at the images below as a reference. 

2-Sign Up For Target’s Loyalty Program

Now, You can sign up for Target’s free rewards program.

It rewards customers who shop online and in stores with gift cards just for shopping.

Signing up is free and only takes a few minutes to complete.

You will receive an email with your rewards card.

You can use this card in stores to get free rewards, special deals, gift card promotions, and discounts.

You can also use the card at Target’s online store or app to buy products using your mobile phone.

For example, you can use this card to purchase Apple or Amazon gift cards.

3-Use A Target Credit Card

A Target credit card can get special discounts, deals, and gift cards.

For example, you can use your Target credit card to get 5% off when you shop online at or any of the company’s stores.

You can get 6% back on Target’s Red Card and 5% off at restaurants, gas stations, and Starbucks.

Also, you can use your Target credit card for free shipping on purchases over $35.

There is no annual fee for this card.

And you can use your earnings for a free Target gift card that will be available for future purchases or as a gift for a loved one.

Redeeming a Target Gift Card

Redeeming a Target Gift Card


Once you’ve activated your Target gift card and are ready to use it, there are a few ways to redeem it.

You can either use the Target app or go through a physical store.

If you’re using the app, select it as your payment method at checkout.

When shopping, could you present your card to the cashier before purchasing?

So that you know, you can only use the Target gift cards at Target stores or online at 

Here are a few legit ways that you can do this:


Online: If you’re using the card, go to and enter the card number and PIN at checkout.

By phone: To redeem your Target gift card, call the 1-888 number on the back.

In-person: You will need the card number and PIN to redeem a Target gift card at any of their stores.

How to Check Your Target Gift Card Balance

Check Your target Gift Card Balance

You can quickly check how much money is on your gift card by visiting Target’s “check balance” link on its website or by calling the number on your card’s back.

Customer service can tell you exactly how much funds remain in your account.

More Ways to Get a Target Gift Card for Free

Here are a few of the most popular methods:

1. Check Target’s weekly circular

Target often runs promotions that offer free gift cards with qualifying purchases.

These promotions are typically advertised in Target’s weekly circular, which is available online and in stores.

2. Join Target Circle

Target Circle is a free rewards program that offers members a variety of perks, including free gift cards.

Members earn points on every purchase they make at Target, and these points can be redeemed for free gift cards.

3. Use iOpenUSA

iOpenUSA is a website and app that allows you to earn money for completing a variety of tasks, such as taking surveys.

The money can be redeemed for a variety of rewards, including Target gift cards.

4. Use Shopkick

Shopkick is a rewards app that allows you to earn points for scanning products at Target and other participating retailers.

These points can be redeemed for a variety of rewards, including Target gift cards.

5. Enter contests and giveaways

Many companies run contests and giveaways that offer Target gift cards as prizes.

You can find these contests and giveaways online or by following your favorite brands on social media.

6. Recycle old electronics

Some companies will pay you for your old electronics, which you can then use to purchase Target gift cards.

7. Sell your unused gift cards

If you have any unused gift cards, you can sell them to a gift card exchange website for cash.

You can then use this cash to purchase Target gift cards.

Here are some additional tips for getting free Target gift cards:

  • Sign up for email alerts from Target:¬†Target will often send email alerts to its subscribers about upcoming promotions and deals.¬†This is a great way to stay up-to-date on the latest opportunities to get free gift cards.
  • Follow Target on social media:¬†Target often announces promotions and giveaways on its social media pages.¬†Be sure to follow Target on Facebook,¬†Twitter,¬†and Instagram so you don’t miss out on any opportunities.
  • Check out third-party websites:¬†There are a number of websites that aggregate deals and promotions from a variety of retailers,¬†including Target.¬†These websites can be a great resource for finding free Target gift cards.

With a little effort, you can easily find ways to get free Target gift cards.

So start shopping and saving today!

Target Gift Card Scams

Target gift cards are not subject to the same fraud protections as credit and debit cards.

Consumers should be aware of the following: “Target will not issue a replacement or refund”:

  • If a gift card is lost, stolen, destroyed, or cannot be used to purchase merchandise.
  • If the value on the gift card has been altered, defaced, or covered with unauthorized writing.
  • You must contact Target customer service in all cases.
  • Read the fraud prevention information.

Best Tips on How to Save Money at Target

There are a few easy ways to save money at Target:

  • First, take advantage of Target’s price matching policy: If you find an item at a lower price at another store, Target will match the price.
  • Second, sign up for a Target RED card: This card gives you 5% off all purchases and free shipping on online orders.
  • Finally, watch for sales and clearance items: Target often has great deals on clearance items, so it’s worth checking the clearance aisle before you leave the store.

FAQs About Target Gift Cards

How to use Target gift card online

To buy with a Target gift Card online, enter the 16-digit card number and 4-digit PIN into the designated fields at checkout. If you need help with using your card online, feel free to contact Target Guest Services.

Do target gift cards expire?

 Target gift cards do not expire. In addition, Target does not have a minimum or maximum balance requirement. You can use your gift card anytime, valid for one year from your purchase date. 

Where buy a Target gift card

If you want Target gift cards, you have a few options.

¬†You can buy them online through Target’s website or a third-party retailer like Amazon.¬†

You can also buy them on promotions in your local Target Store. Remember, you can only use them at Target stores or for online product purchases and not exchange them for cash.

Where is the target gift card access number?

The target gift card access number is on the card’s back; a 16-digit number is needed to activate the card.

How to use the Target gift card in-store

To use a Target Gift Card in-store, you can just present the card at checkout. The cashier will scan the barcode and enter the amount of the purchase. The funds on the card will then be applied to your total purchase amount.

Where can you find a Target gift card for sale?

There are a few places for getting gift cards for sale. One option is to visit the target website and check for deals in the “gift cards” section. Another place to look is on eBay, where you can often find good deals on Target gift cards. Finally, you can check at your local grocery store, as some stores sell Target gift cards.

Can I get a Target gift card at Walgreens?

Yes, you can get a Target gift card at Walgreens. However, you can purchase a Target gift card at many other retailers, such as grocery stores, department stores, and online.

What is the Target Red Card? 

The Target Red Card is a credit card that can earn you cash back 5% off purchases. You can use it at any Target store or online at 


So, I hope you have learned how to earn Target gift cards for free.

Remember, they are convenient, easy to use, and great for frequent shopping at Target.

Also, survey panels are an excellent way to make extra money and earn gift cards, not only from paid surveys but also from

completing tasks like playing games and watching videos online.

If you like this article, please share it so others can benefit from the information.