The 4 Best Online Survey Rewards You Can Redeem Today

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June 3, 2021
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The 4 Best Online Survey Rewards You Can Redeem Today

Hi, dear readers.

I will review the four best online survey rewards you can redeem today.

If you love gift cards or have been taking surveys for some time, this guide is for you.

We choose these reward options because they are profitable to you based on their popularity, convenience, and value.

We all know that surveys are a great way to make extra money in your spare time.

But which awards are the best? Read on to find out! 

Let’s get started.

Why Surveys are essential.

Surveys are essential for market research because they allow researchers to collect data from many people.

This data can be used to learn about a group’s thoughts, behaviors, and opinions.

Surveys are also relatively affordable and easy to administer, making them a popular research choice.


Why do the Survey Panels Give incentives?

There are many reasons to offer survey incentives, but the two most important are to increase participation rates and to improve the quality of responses.

By offering surveys with rewards, you are more likely to get people to take the time to fill them out.

And if they know they will be rewarded for providing quality information, they are likelier to take the time to do so.


Best Online Surveys Rewards

 We’ve compiled a list of the top four survey rewards that pay out cash or prizes and allow you to earn rewards like gift cards and free products.

So what are you waiting for?

Start earning rewards today by taking advantage of these great survey opportunities!


1-Paypal Payments

paypal company facts

Paypal has been, for a long time, a popular survey reward option for many panels and survey takers.

Its advantages outweigh the disadvantages, and your hard-earned money is secure and safe.

It was founded in 1998, but its original name was Confinity Inc.

 Its main product was a company that developed security software for handheld devices.

However, it had not succeeded with that business model, so it switched its focus to a digital wallet.

 The first version of their electronic payments system was launched in 1999.

In March 2000, Confinity was acquired by, a financial services company founded in January 1999 by Elon Musk.

In October of that year, Musk Got paid to decide that would terminate its other Internet banking operations and focus on PayPal.

In that way, it became the electronic payment system we know today.

Further information: Timeline of PayPal

Pros Vs. Cons of Using PayPal as  Survey Rewards


  • Easy to set up and use.
  • Works internationally.
  • Excellent security.
  • No fees for sending money to friends and family.
  • Buy now and pay later.
  • Checking out with cryptocurrency.
  • Instant spend notifications.
  • Money Pools.
  • Save more when you shop with Honey.
  • Convert currency into another.
  • Mobile phone application or app.
  • Transfer money to your bank account.
  • A preferred recompense of many Survey sites.


  • Payment splitting is not as straightforward as in Venmo.
  • Few in-store payment options.
  • Fees for transfer funds, usually 2%, ,”   around 0.25 USD cents.
  • A free bank transfer takes several days.
  • 1% fee if you want instant access to your money.

How PayPal Works

Watch the below video that explains in full detail how it works.

How it works from the survey    taker’s perspective:

  1. Sign up with your email(if you don’t have one, just create an account on PayPal )
  2. When you reach the minimum amount to cash out, ask for a Payment.
  3. Use the money as you see fit. (transfer it to your bank account, purchase goods, etc.)

paypal logo

Expected Questions 

  • How do I open a dispute with a seller?

Contacting the seller is often the best way to solve a problem. In a dispute, you can exchange messages with the seller in your Resolution Center to try to solve the problem. You can escalate the conflict to a claim if you cannot settle it. You ask them to investigate and decide the outcome by escalating it to a lawsuit. A dispute will automatically close after 20 days unless it’s been escalated.

  • I want my money back. Do you think I can cancel a payment?

It’s not possible to cancel a completed payment.

  • How do I confirm my email address?

When you add an email address, we automatically send an email to confirm the address. If you don’t get the email, could you check your spam folder and check that you entered the correct email address?

  • How do I remove a limitation from my account?

You can go to the Resolution Center.

  • Why is my payment on hold or unavailable?

It holds funds for various reasons based on the account’s activity. Could you check your account for the specific reasons why we are saving your money and learn how you can release it?

  • I forgot my password. How do I reset it?

Open the app and tap Forgotten. Or visit our login page on a web browser and click Having trouble logging in.

  • How do I request a refund?

You can request a refund of a completed payment by sending the seller an email. Could you ask the seller to go to the Transaction Details page for your transaction and click Issue a refund?

  • How do I report an unauthorized transaction or account activity?

If you notice a transaction you didn’t authorize, notify us immediately in the Resolution Center.

  • How can I release my payment(s) on hold?

Add Tracking. Update the order status; Print USPS or UPS shipping labels.

  • How do I link a debit or credit card to my PayPal account?

  1. Click Wallet at the top of the page.
  2. Click the Link to a debit or credit card on the left side of the page.
  3. Follow the instructions on the page to link your card.

The Bottom Line

It is a very reliable payment processor with a high emphasis on protecting your money and purchases.

They are widely accepted by stores and banks worldwide.

It constantly innovates to protect your info and adds features like apps, cryptocurrencies, split payments, etc.

I recommend you to take Surveys for cash; it will help you to make money that can be credited to your account.

Sign up today and start taking paid online surveys to improve your finances.
We offer many survey opportunities and PayPal Payments through the iOpenUSA App.
Expect to earn around 1-10 USD per survey that only lasts 15 minutes.
The more surveys you complete, the bigger the cash and rewards.

Fill Out Surveys, Make Real Cash & Redeem Rewards Online Today

2-Amazon Gift Card

amazon facts


This survey reward is also a favorite of survey takers. As a retailer, Amazon offers many products and services that have earned a

high reputation and confidence through the years.

A little bit of history:

Jeff Bezos founded Amazon from his garage in Bellevue, Washington, on July 5, 1994.

It started as a marketplace for books but expanded to sell electronics, software, video games, apparel, furniture, food, toys, and jewelry.

In 2015, by market capitalization, Amazon surpassed Walmart as the most valuable retailer in the United States.

In 2017, Amazon acquired Whole Foods Market for US$13.4 billion, substantially increasing its physical retailer footprint.

In 2018, its two-day delivery service, Amazon Prime, surpassed 100 million subscribers worldwide.


amazon card

It is so popular that it rivals PayPal and sometimes surpasses it.

But the main issue is that Amazon uses its online store’s gift cards as a currency.

Paypal is a worldwide payment processor so any statistic will favor it from the business perspective.

But for us, it is more important to know the wish one person prefers when cashing out their earnings from the survey panels.

Sadly, there are too many survey panels, and none share this information with the public so we will take this statistic from our database at IOpenUSA Paid Online Surveys.

We took a sample of 1000 random active panelists per month who requested payments through Paypal, Amazon, Visa GiftCard, and G-Codes last year.

iopenusa rewards distribution

As we can see, PayPal was the most popular, followed by Amazon Codes, Visa Cards, and G-codes last.

 Amazon Gift Cards can be redeemed in two ways:

At the website, could you reload your balance?

  • To use your code, log in to your Amazon account.
  • At the top bar, select Amazon Pay and then click on the option to add a Gift Card
  • Enter the Card code.
  • Click Add to your balance button, and the amount will be ready to be used at checkout.

At the checkout

  • Shop for your choice of merchandise.
  • Click on Buy Now, select your address, and proceed to the payment page.
  • On the Payment page, click on Enter voucher or promotional code
  • Enter your code, and click on Apply to finish.

Pros Vs. Cons of Using Amazon As Surveys Rewards


  • No expiration date.
  •  Great variety of products to buy.
  • No fees to reload your balance.
  • Free shipment on orders above 25 $.
  • Any remaining balance will stay in your account for future purchases.
  • Track package location.
  • A phone App.
  • Edit or cancel orders.
  • Returns and refunds
  • Safe  shopping



  • It can only be used to buy  at Amazon retail store
  •  Fees if the order is less than 25$
  • It is hard to know where the merchant you buy a product from is.

Amazon Statistics – Some Interesting Facts & Figures

amazon statistics

image source(


  • Amazon was almost named “Cadabra,” short for the magic term “abracadabra.”
  • There are about 6,000 dogs that “work” at Amazon HQ in Seattle — they even have a dog park on-site.
  • What you can’t buy on Amazon.
  •  Offers great survey reward opportunities.
  •  Owns 41 subsidiaries and brands.
  •  It is a pet-friendly environment.

LinkedIn Unveils the 2021 U.S. Top Companies List

2021 top companies list

Our Opinion

Amazon gift cards are a fantastic compensation to ask for as a payment method.

With plenty of products and offers to choose from.

Its popularity keeps growing each year, and the statistics confirm it.

Taking online surveys is a great way to earn extra cash or increase your Amazon valance.

Many paid survey sites will pay extra cash for your opinion and give you the best survey winnings.

It’s time to check our third recommended survey award.

3-Virtual Visa Debit Card

iopenusa visa gift card

This survey’s rewards are exciting because it’s accepted worldwide or any place that accepts visa payments.

As a survey taker, I recommend it more for panelists in countries with no access to PayPal or Amazon or if you are a student

and don’t have a bank account.

Why?. I will explain more ahead of the pros vs. cons.

What is a Visa Debit Card

It is a major debit card brand issued by Visa in many countries worldwide.

Numerous banks and financial institutions issue Visa Debit cards to customers to access their bank accounts.

In many countries, the Visa Debit functionality is often incorporated on the same plastic card, allowing access to ATMs and domestic networks.

Source (Wikipedia)

Pros Vs. Cons of Using Virtual Visa as Survey Rewards

As with all surveys, rewards are up to you to decide if this one fits you as a cash-out option.


  • It is the perfect gift for a friend or a loved one.
  • It can be used everywhere Visa debit cards are accepted. Worldwide Acceptance
  • No interest, No annual fee, No monthly bill.
  • Unlimited Transactions.
  • Money Management.
  • Security and Protection (24/7 fraud monitoring).
  • Charitable.
  • Shop online.
  • You can choose between a virtual or physical card.
  • Add unused money to your Amazon account or PayPal account.


  • Not reloadable.
  • There are fees if you save several tokens(going to explain what this is in FAQ)to create a higher denomination card.
  • The fees are no lower than 1 USD and no more than 5 USD.
  • It can be used at an ATM or bank to get cash.

How to Redeem your survey rewards with a Virtual Visa Debit Card

1. Choose it.

rewards choose visa

2 . Wait for the email with the link.

iopenusa visa gift card reward

3 . Sign Up for your Digital Wallet

iopenusa digital wallet

4 . Add your token(a 14-digit alpha-numeric code) with the amount of cash to be added.

5 . Choose between a virtual Visa debit card or a Physical Visa debit card.

Note> You can save several tokens in your digital wallet and ask for a higher lump later. There is no fee if you use your ticket immediately. Still, if you decide to save them for a higher amount, you can do it; the prices are no less than 1 USD and no more than 5 USD.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a prepaid digital token?

A Prepaid Digital Token is a 14-digit alpha-numeric code. A Token is given to you as a payment or incentive, promotion, or another type of approved program and will usually be embedded in an email link. When you click the link or enter a valid Token, you can choose from various prepaid card products approved for the program.

  • Do prepaid digital tokens expire?

Yes. The Prepaid Digital Token has an expiration date, following the Program Sponsor’s rules. Prepaid Digital Tokens can’t be used after expiration, so please pay attention to the date.

  • Why do I need to create a username and password?

Suppose you get multiple Prepaid Digital Tokens. In that case, you can create a password-protected Digital Wallet to see all your cards in one place, including card details, mail dates, balances, PINs, spending history, and more.

  • Why do I need to provide my address?

The address will mail you a physical plastic card if you choose to get a physical card. The card address is also vital in successfully using your virtual or physical card. Most web merchants address verification when you check out to ensure that the card address and the address you give the merchant match. If you move or need to correct an address, you can edit the card address anytime.

  • What does save for later mean?

When choosing your card, you may see an option that allows you to save your Prepaid Digital Token for later. This option saves your token, so you can combine the value of that token with other tickets at a later date to get one card for a more considerable value. You can view or connect your Saved Tokens by logging in and clicking on ‘Saved Tokens.’ Be sure to notice the expiration date of the Prepaid Digital Token because expiration still applies to saved tokens.

What to do if you have unused valance in your virtual visa debit card?

If you use this reward, you will find this scenario.

For example, your card cash was 28,50 USD after the fee for joining several tokens.

You used the valance to purchase “x – product at x-Store,” and you have 7 USD left on the card.

And you need to know what to use it for.

Here is a solution that surely you will like!!!

1-How To Use A Visa Gift Card On Amazon

  1. Go to Amazon’s ‘Reload Your Balance’ page
  2. Enter the amount on your Visa card.
  3. Sign in to your account; this step is required even if you’re already logged into your Amazon account
  4. Click ‘Edit’ in the payment method box; you’ll then be redirected to a new page where you’ll click ‘Add a card.’
  5. Enter the card information in the specified fields and click next; if you’re unsure as to which name is on the card, there is a balance check number on the back of the card that you can call to reference the information
  6. Select your card as the payment method and click ‘Done.’
  7. You’ll then be redirected to the reload your balance screen.
  8. Verify the amount.
  9. Then click the ‘Reload’ button.

I am still trying to understand why this is useful.

Imagine you have seven Visa gift cards with funds ranging from $1.89 to $17.54.

Instead of using each card separately, you can combine your balance for a lump sum of money to spend on Amazon.

As an added bonus, no minimum or maximum amount is required on your card to reload your Amazon balance.

Don’t forget that your card may have an expiration date.

Filling your Amazon balance is a great way to avoid losing the funds!

2-How to Add a Gift Card to PayPal

1. Log into your PayPal Wallet on a desktop computer.

paypal wallet

2. Click “Link a debit or credit card.”

3. Tap “Link a card manually” if given the option to link manually or through a bank.

4. Enter the gift card information.

5. Tap “Link Card.”

paypal link card

Sometimes, you might run into an error trying to add them to your PayPal account as a payment method because they lack

personal identifiers, unlike traditionally issued credit cards.

If you run into this kind of trouble, instructions on the card should direct you to a website for registration.



These survey rewards are fantastic for anyone; the wide use of visa and the acceptance between merchants makes it a viable


Sadly, it has some fees, but it is excellent for buying online without using your actual credit or debit card, meaning your information

is not at risk, and neither is your bank account money 😉

We recommend you take online surveys for cash to increase your visa wallet valance.

Many market research firms are willing to give you incentives to complete surveys.

You can do it as a side hustle and earn cash bonuses.



g codes iopenusa reward

This award is the favorite of survey-takers(at least on iopenusa); it offers a high value to anyone who uses it.

What is a G-Code? :

GCodes is a rewards code service allowing you to claim gift cards, travel vouchers, and merchandise in one central spot with dozens of merchants.

They are created and managed by Global Reward Solutions, the world’s first cloud-based solution.

That connects hundreds of global suppliers through an innovative incentive engine to thousands of customers worldwide.

Watch,”     this video to learn more

Pros Vs. Cons of Using G-Codes.


  • Redeemable towards every prize type.
  • Includes categories like mobile top-ups., gift cards, and travel.
  • Choose your phone carrier and receive instant credit with just one click.
  • Thousands of the world’s best retail merchandise to choose from.
  • Over 400,000 hotels plus cars, cruises, and airlines.
  • Save at hundreds of thousands of retail stores throughout North America.
  • Dream Tracker will automatically notify you via email when you have enough points to cash out.
  • Global accepted in more than  185+ countries.
  • 24/7 Customer Service.
  • Order Tracking.
  •  Process orders locally in local currency and consolidate all orders into a single currency of your choice.



  • GCodes is invite-only; you must receive a GCode before registering an account.
  • GCodes must be activated within 90 days of generation.
  • Once a GCode is activated, you have 365 days to spend the corresponding GCode points in the shopping mall.
  • Awards purchased through the GCodes shopping mall are final sales except for damaged or incorrectly shipped goods.

iopenusa gcodes features

How to Redeem a Gcode

  • Choose to cash out your earnings as a GCodes virtual gift code.
  • Then you’ll be emailed your unique gift code number.
  • From there, create an account if you don’t have one or log in to the GCodes online store.
  • Use the code number to increase your balance of GCodes points.
  • Shop for recompenses like vacation packages, tickets, events, merchandise, mobile, etc.

Please take a look at the images below.


iopenusa ading gcodes

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I register an account with GCodes?

GCodes is invite-only, and you must receive a GCode before registering an account. If you would like to purchase GCodes, please get in touch with sales.

  • How do I log in to GCodes?

Before logging in to GCodes, you must add your first GCode to your wallet (redeem) and register an account.

  • How do I add GCodes to my Wallet?

You should receive instructions from the person who sent you a G-Code. The instructions will either have a link to instantly Add to Wallet or ask you to copy and paste the code into a redemption form.

If you are not logged in, the GCodes App will ask you to log in or register an account before being able to add a G-Code to your Wallet.

Once you have successfully added a GCode to your Wallet, you will see the option to Activate your code for Points.

  • How do I activate my GCodes?

From your GCodes Wallet, any GCode that needs to be activated will have the Activate button beside it. Click Activate to convert to monetary value into GCodes Points that can be used to shop at the global shopping mall.

  • What is the difference between Add to Wallet and Activated?

When you receive a GCode, you must first click on Add to Wallet to begin the redemption process. Your wallet will hold all codes that have been added or redeemed. Once you have successfully added a GCode, you must activate it, which converts the monetary value into GCode Points. Your Points Balance will increase from your wallet when the GCode is activated.

  • How do I earn GCode points?

We pay our members at IOpenUSA Paid Online Surveys when they reach 10 $ USD.

As you activate GCodes, the monetary value is converted to GCodes Points, which can be used to shop in our global shopping mall.

  • Do my GCodes expire?

GCodes must be activated within 90 days of generation. You can check the expiration date by clicking on the GCode in the Wallet.

  • Do my GCodes Points expire?

Once a GCode is activated, you have 365 days to spend the corresponding GCode points in the shopping mall.

  • Do you know if I can return any bonus purchased with GCodes?

Recompenses purchased through the GCodes shopping mall are final sales except for damaged or incorrectly shipped goods.

Source (Rewards Solutions FAQ)

Our Conclusion

G-codes offer a wide variety of rewards and purchase options.

They are widely accepted in more than 180 countries with almost no fees.

You can accumulate your codes to get even higher cash prices.


To Sum it Up

We have presented a list of The four best survey rewards you can redeem today.

Our goal is for you to know them better and help you decide which one works best for you.

Paid online survey sites will pay you to take surveys.

The more complete your profile is, the bigger the chances of qualifying for a survey.

You only need to find the right Survey panel and Get rewards for filling out Paid surveys.

The focus groups are the best sites to take online surveys for cash or gift cards.

Surveys tend to pay 1 to 10 USD, but you can earn more depending on how long it takes to complete it.

So please don’t give up on it because we are here with your back!

If this post was helpful, please join us or share to help others struggling in their search for free money.

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