History Of Paid Surveys A Simple (But Complete) Guide

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November 21, 2021
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History Of Paid Surveys A Simple (But Complete) Guide

Many people are familiar with the idea of receiving money for filling out surveys.

But what they may not be aware of is that paid surveys have been around for decades.

 It first began in the 1940s when George Gallup created an advertising company and started to research consumers via phone interviews. 

In this blog post, we will look at the history behind these types of studies and how they have evolved.

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A Quick History of Online Surveys

Paid surveys are a relatively new concept that has grown in popularity across the world over the past few decades.

 They allow everyday people to participate in market research and other studies by providing their opinions on various topics such as products or services they have used before.

What they would buy if given funds, etc. By doing so, these individuals can receive payments for the time and input they have provided which can go towards anything from groceries or bills to gifts for friends or family members.

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History of Market Research Timeline


1. Online surveys were first used in the 1940s to help gather information about public opinion.

They have been a big part of our lives for a long time. 

The first online survey was created in conjunction with World War II. It helped government officials decide how best to allocate scarce resources when many men were away at war or working as factory laborers.

However, there are other uses too such as market research which can help companies make more informed decisions about what products might work well together.

Better understand customer needs so they know if their current line is being carried by stores adequately enough before risking any investments into new lines entirely.

2. The first online survey was created by an American sociologist, Dr. George H. Gallup in 1944 

Dr. George H. Gallup created the first online survey in 1944 to study worker satisfaction and attitudes toward management.

A new form of data collection was needed because traditional methods like mail-in questionnaires or personal interviews were too expensive for large companies with many employees working overseas during World War II. 

3. In 1958, RAND Corporation started using computers to process data gathered from online surveys

 The idea was that this would be more efficient than relying on humans who had limited time for comprehending large quantities of information or abilities with complex calculations alone.

The first survey was conducted through a 2-minute questionnaire that asked respondents about their attitudes on nuclear weapons testing and Communism to better understand public opinion surrounding these issues.

4. A company called Opinion Research Corporation (ORC) conducted the first major political poll based on an internet-based questionnaire in 1996 

And it changed how we understand public opinion forever.

The research group used a new technology that allowed them to survey people from around America without having any prearranged contact details for respondents which would make it easier than ever before possible to get their voices heard by politicians at all levels of government – this helped ORCs succeed rate by over 90%.

 And they found that not only did most people have access to a computer in their home but also many had one at work or school too!

This is huge for marketers because now you can track what consumers are doing online without having them come into your store – which saves time (and money!)

This revolutionary development would forever change how Americans engage with their government, vote for candidates, and news coverage of current events is heavily influenced by polls that are conducted using this innovative methodology

5. Online polls are now being used for everything from market research to polling people’s opinions of a new product or service before it is released.

Online polls are becoming more and more common in the modern-day.

These days, you can find them being used for everything from market research to polling people’s opinions of a new product or service before it is released 

This way, companies can get feedback on their ideas and incorporate this information into the design process which will lead them to produce better goods than ever!

This type of interactive questioning can be especially effective in allowing many voices other than just one pollster’s opinion on an issue since respondents will have their say and contribute information that isn’t available anywhere else!

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 We hope you have enjoyed the history of paid surveys and know more about how they came to be. 

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