The Most Lucrative Make Money Online Writing Jobs

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The Most Lucrative Make Money Online Writing Jobs

Are you looking for ways to make money writing online?

¬†If so, you’re in luck! There are many lucrative writing jobs out there that can help you make some extra cash.¬†

Many online writing jobs promise high pay, but determining which ones are legitimate and worthwhile can take time and effort.

This blog post will examine some of the most lucrative writing jobs and discuss what makes them so lucrative.

 We Will also provide tips on how to land these writing jobs.

¬†So, read on for helpful tips and advice, whether you’re a seasoned writer or just starting!

Best Get Paid to Write Jobs

Who doesn’t love a good job?¬†

The best of the bunch is getting paid to write! 

You can make more money writing than you ever thought possible, all while having fun and being your boss.

Many websites hire people to write posts for them.

The best way I have found in my experience so far is by getting paid while doing something fun AND engaging at the same time.

Has been through sites like Upwork, where there seem to be very few downsides overall when compared to other options out there

today (such as creating content full-time).

Are you looking for a way to make some extra cash? If so, then we’ve got the perfect job listing right here!¬†

  1. Copyhackers
  2. Listverse
  3. Narratively
  4. Reader’sReader’s Digest
  5. Unemploymentville
  6. Writer’sWriter’s Digest
  7. iWriter
  8. nDash
  9. Upwork
  10. Blue Mountain Arts
  11.  Rattle
  12. The Threepenny Review

Fill Out Surveys, Make Real Cash & Redeem Rewards Online Today


Copyhackers is a Canadian-based content company that provides educational materials and paid opportunities for copywriters to

publish lengthy articles on its blog. 

The submission guidelines are clear: you should have excellent knowledge of the topic of your pitch, with an expectation being 2k words or more when blogging for them!

Pay: $300 to $1,000 per post

Here’s How to Pitch and Write a Guest Post for Copyhackers


How to Get Started Steps

Step 1: Choose a topic you know shit-tons about.

Step 2: Work on that headline some more.

Step 3: Pick a fight or juxtapose two things.

Step 4: Send our content strategist a pitch email.


Listverse is an online newspaper that specializes in list posts.

¬†These are highly clickable articles where each main point is part of a numbered list (a bit like what you’re reading now!).

Most of the time, you don’t need to be an expert to write for them; note two paragraphs each of your list (10 items per list


They will check if your content is original(meaning you didn’t copy it from other sites)

You don’t need to include images or videos when you send in your article.¬†

Pay: $100 per list post via PayPal.


Narratively’sNarratively’s¬†goal is to publish stories that surprise, delight, and captivate readers.

 They do this by taking them into worlds they never knew existed before in an immersive way.

With vivid scenes like colorless beings living amongst us and compelling narrative arcs that keep you on your toes!

Pay: $300 to $400 per article

4-Reader’s Digest

Have you constantly desired the chance to be a humorist but were afraid of submitting your work to any magazine or newspaper?

 This opportunity is perfect for publication without knowing if it would make good material.

Reader’s Digest¬†offers one way that anyone can submit jokes and micro-stories directly through their website, publishing them

online in addition to print magazines!

Pay:  $100 per article and $25 for any joke, gag, or funny quote.


unemploymentville is a website that provides helpful information to people who are out of work, and it also offers guest

blogging opportunities for those with interesting small business ideas or personal stories about dealing with job loss.

Pay: $25 to $75 per blog post

6- Writer’s Digest

Writer’s Digest is more than a century-old magazine publishing “everything writers need.”

They accept submissions from all authors and sometimes take cold pitches for guest posts on their website or elsewhere online!

Pay: 30 to 50 cents per word (print form) or $50 to $100 (online)


iWriter is a great way to start writing for clients, and you can earn up to 65% of their pay.

As your star rating increases and more projects come in with higher-paying customers, you’ll be making some serious money!

Pay 91 cents to $282.75 per project.


Startups are tough.

 But if you want to get started in the freelance writing industry, nDash might be just what you need! 

Freelancers founded them with years of experience and connections all over town.

They can help connect clients & writers alike so that everyone benefits from great content when it matters most.

Pay: $150 to $450 per project


Upwork is the go-to place for anyone who needs an extra hand in their business. 

Whether you’re looking to hire a writer or want someone else to handle those pesky customer support emails, this site has what it takes.

Pitching your services on UpWork can be especially rewarding when clients reach out directly and ask about specific projects they might be interested in.

Pay: Set rate minus 5% to 20%

10-Blue Mountain Arts

Have you ever heard of the Blue Mountain Arts poetry contest? 

It’s a biannual writing competition in honor and support of those who create art from words.¬†

You can submit your work online or by mail, but be sure to watch out because they’re so popular sometimes it may take up all day just waiting on someone else!

Pay: $100 to $350 per poem


One of the most innovative publishing platforms for poetry is Rattle. 

This online and print journal offers weekly opportunities to get paid and quarterly publications that feature new work from

established authors and up-and-coming talent!

Pay: $100 to $200 per poem

12-The Threepenny Review

The Threepenny Review is a quarterly, print-based magazine publishing essays and fiction stories. 

They don’t accept submissions from the same calendar year between May 1 and December 31.

Your best bet for getting published there would be to apply during their open call period.

Each odd-numbered year only begins annually from September 15 – to October 30!

The pay range varies depending on the type of story/essay you’re submitting, but expect anywhere between $200 and $400 per piece submitted.

Pay: $200 to $400


 I hope this post helped you find the most lucrative online writing jobs. 

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