5 Funny Tweets About Paid Surveys

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January 14, 2022
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January 30, 2022

Paid surveys have become popular for people to make extra cash in their spare time.

However, filling out survey after survey can sometimes be tedious and even frustrating.

Luckily, many Twitter users have taken to the platform to share their humorous experiences with paid surveys.

In this article, we’ll look at 5 funny tweets about paid surveys that will have you laughing out loud and nodding your head in agreement.

Whether you’re a seasoned survey taker or just considering trying it, these tweets will surely resonate with you.

Twitter Users’ Take on Surveys

Twitter is a platform where users can express their opinions and thoughts about various topics, including surveys.

Some Twitter users find surveys a nuisance, especially when they pop up randomly while browsing the internet.

Others see them as an opportunity to earn some extra cash or rewards.

One user tweeted, “I just got asked if I want to take part in a survey for $1.50, and honestly I’m considering it because my bank account is crying.”

However, some Twitter users are skeptical of the legitimacy of paid surveys and view them as scams.

One user sarcastically tweeted, “Just filled out a survey that promised me $1000 for taking part… Can’t wait for my money to arrive any day now.”

Another user shared a humorous meme with the caption, “When you realize those ‘paid’ surveys were just an excuse to get your personal information.”

It’s clear that while some Twitter users may find value in participating in paid surveys, others are cautious and prefer not to engage with them at all.

Twitter users have varying views on surveys – some find them beneficial, while others view them skeptically.

Whether one chooses to participate in paid surveys ultimately depends on their preference and level of trust in the companies offering them.

Fun Tweets about Paid Surveys

Paid surveys are a great way to earn money while browsing the internet. 

The most common types of paid survey websites give away cash, gift cards, or other prizes as an incentive to participate in their studies and fill out

questionnaires with your opinions on products from companies like Nike & Target!

Many market research companies seek people like you to join their panels.

So they need to be creative with their marketing to catch your attention.

We search tweeter for the most Laughable ones we can find.

Here they are:

1-May the Force be With You and Your Surveys.

yoda best surveys taker

OfferNation created this tweet to refer to Baby Yoda of the Mandalorian Series on Disney +

Fill Out Surveys, Make Real Cash & Redeem Rewards Online Today

2-iOpenUSA Stars Wars Reference

iopenusa starswars


This one is ours and also was a reference to the stars wars world


3-Justine Wealth & Health Advocate

happy user

Happy user after getting paid 


4-iOpenUSA I Love You

iopenusa i love you

The image is a fun chat between a couple where iopenusa prevails.

5- Surely not Another Meme ad

survey compare meme

Fun image of taking paid surveys vs. getting a job 

Jokes About Getting Paid For Their Opinions

Highlighting funny tweets about surveys:

  •  “I just took a survey that asked me how likely I was to recommend it to a friend. Joke’s on them, I don’t have any friends.”
  •  “Took a survey that asked if I had kids and then proceeded to ask me 20 questions about my nonexistent children. It’s like they’re rubbing it in my face.”
  •  “Just got paid $10 for taking a survey about pizza toppings. This is the kind of job satisfaction money can’t buy.”
  • “I love how surveys always ask for your opinion but then limit your answers to a multiple choice selection #NotFeelingVeryOpinionatedNow”
  •  “Took a survey that promised me $50 but ended up being an hour of my life I’ll never get back.
  • “Feeling rich after earning $0.50 from a survey”
  • “Realizing you just spent 30 minutes for $0.05”
  • “Paid surveys be like ‘what’s your favorite color?’ Me, an intellectual: ‘money'”
  • “When the survey asks if you’re employed and you lie to get more money”
  • “The best part of paid surveys is getting disqualified in the first question”


Paid Surveys and Social Media

Paid surveys have been around for a while and are becoming more popular with the rise of social media.

Brands use surveys to collect consumer data on their products or services to improve their offerings.

With social media, brands can reach a wider audience and get more survey responses.

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram allow companies to distribute their paid surveys easily.

Through targeted advertising and influencer partnerships, brands can ensure that they are reaching the right people who will provide valuable


This makes it easier for companies to understand what customers want and need.

Moreover, taking paid surveys through social media also benefits consumers as they can earn money or rewards by sharing their opinions.

It’s a quick and easy way to make some extra cash while giving feedback about products you may already use.

What People Find Funny About Surveys

What makes surveys funny:

  1. Absurd Questions: Surveys with bizarre queries like choosing between a horse-sized duck or duck-sized horse often spark hilarious responses from participants.
  2. Comical Language: Some surveys use amusing statements like “I sometimes feel like a superhero” or “I have the heart of a lion,” leading to laughter while rating agreement levels.
  3. Incentive Rewards: Getting paid or receiving gift cards for sharing opinions and experiences through surveys can seem too good to be true and elicit laughter.
  4. Unexpected Options: Surveys that present unexpected or unconventional answer choices can catch respondents off guard, resulting in humorous reactions.
  5. Survey Stereotypes: Jokes about lengthy surveys or repetitive questions can bring amusement as people relate to the everyday experiences of surveys.

Discover the lighter side of surveys and have a good laugh with these amusing aspects


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