How to Make Money Playing Online Games?

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Online gaming has become a passion for many, and the allure of earning a substantial income while indulging in our favorite

pastimes are appealing.

So, the question arises: Can you earn money playing games online?

The answer is affirmative.

Prominent personalities like Tyler Blevins, known as Ninja, have amassed a net worth of $25 million by

simply playing video games.

Additionally, professional video testers earn an average annual income of $45k, and even ordinary individuals can earn some

pocket money through gaming.

Our list of tips will help you play online games to earn money.

How to Make Money Playing Games 

#1 Game Journalism

 Game journalism 

If you fancy yourself as a writer, you have a few options:
  1. ¬†You can join an existing website and take advantage of the site’s reputation and followers.
  2. Or start your own, where you can write compelling news articles and reviews and conduct insightful interviews related to a specific game, genre, or industry. 

How you Earn Money With This Method:

  • Writing for an established website can earn you a payment per-article basis as a freelancer.
  • On the other hand, if you decide to launch your own site, you can monetize your traffic through various means, such as ads, Patreon subscriptions, or similar methods.

Useful tips:

  • To find opportunities, focus on intermediate-sized gaming sites rather than major ones like IGN¬†(at¬†least¬†for¬†now).
  • Additionally, it’s best to disregard startups that have yet to build a readership.¬†
  • Before¬†applying,¬†make¬†sure¬†you¬†have¬†some¬†writing¬†samples¬†readily¬†available.

#2 Video Game Coaching

Video game coaching


Video game coaching is an excellent choice for individuals with a deep understanding and passion for specific games.

You can instruct fellow gamers by offering tutorials, screen-sharing walkthroughs, and group classes and get

paid for sharing your tips, tricks, and advice.

Platforms such as Gamer Sensei allow you to set your own rates (typically starting at $30 per hour) and availability.

It’s worth noting that not all coaching applications are accepted, as platform quality is prioritized.

Don’t limit yourself to one region if you want to try this craft.

To increase the number of customers, try unblocking foreign sites and submit applications there.

You may also need to change the Steam region to play with a student.

But don’t worry; it’s easy to change Steam country if you know what to do.

Instructions are available at the link above, but the key here is a powerful VPN for Steam.

Many pros use VeePN, and it does a great job.

#3 Become a Professional Gamer

Become a Professional Gamer

Tournaments are a regular occurrence in PvP titles, such as fighting games.

As the popularity of the game increases, so does the size of the prize pools.

Skillful players who manage to join an eSports organization can potentially earn a decent income through winnings and


Additionally, many competitive gamers capitalize on live streams as an additional source of revenue.

#4 Host a YouTube Channel or Podcast

Host a YouTube Channel or Podcast

Creating engaging content can be an excellent way to share your thoughts and ideas with others.

If you have much to say, why not consider starting a regular show about gaming?

This could be an opinion-based roundtable discussion, interviews with well-known players, or even a collection of tips and tricks

for a specific game.

There are so many possibilities!

When it comes to monetization, podcasts and YouTube videos offer various opportunities.

You can explore options like ads, sponsorships, and other forms of YouTube monetization to earn from your content.

Platforms like Patreon allow your audience to support your show through subscriptions.


#5 Play-to-Earn Game Apps

Play-to-Earn Game Apps

Several online paid games, some even free ones, allow players to earn real money.

Here are some of the best: Swagbucks, Solitaire Cube, Slingo, Lucktastic.

Some may not be available in your region, but this is not a reason to refuse them.

Try a free VPN extension to switch to another server and cheat the game’s restrictions.

Somewhere there is a guaranteed but small income.

Regarding projects, income is unstable, but the prospects are much higher.

Everyone chooses their own option.

#6 Get Paid to Test Games

Get Paid to Test Games

Games undergo various stages of development before their release.

As the completion nears, developers seek external playtesters to evaluate their games with fresh perspectives.

As a playtester, your role is to thoroughly examine the aspects that the developer specifies, including identifying and documenting

any bugs or other issues.

Consider exploring services like PlaytestCloud, BetaFamily, and beta testing for on-demand playtesting.

However, becoming an internal tester at a company can be more challenging.

You must browse job boards, research companies for available positions, submit applications, and keep your fingers



Games are a source of enjoyment as they provide an escape from reality.

However, when gaming becomes a profession, the element of escapism diminishes, potentially affecting the fun factor.

If you are passionate about gaming, carefully considering it as a career is crucial.

Regret may arise from pursuing avenues of earning money through playing games.

If you still want to proceed, the opportunities discussed below represent the best ways to make a living in the gaming


While there are other careers in the video game field, they may not involve as much actual game-playing as the options mentioned