Win $500 in the Official Hannaford Survey at

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Win $500 in the Official Hannaford Survey at

Are you a fan of Hannaford’s wide selection of fresh produce, high-quality products, and exceptional customer service?

 If so, here’s an exciting opportunity for you to share your feedback and win big!

The official Hannaford Survey( TalkToHannaford ) allows customers to win $500 by sharing their shopping experience.

Imagine what you could do with that extra cash – stock up on your favorite groceries, treat yourself to a gourmet meal, or even splurge on something special.

 But beyond the potential prize, this survey is an invaluable platform to voice your opinions and influence the future of one of your favorite grocery stores.

Furthermore, by participating in this survey, you have the power to shape the shopping experience for yourself and countless other customers.

Your feedback is essential. Whether you want to recognize exceptional service or suggest areas for improvement, They value your


So, if you’re eager to make a difference while also getting a shot at winning $500, don’t miss out on this opportunity to take part in

the Official Hannaford Survey.

Your feedback could not only enhance your own shopping experiences but also contribute to making Hannaford an even better

place for everyone who walks through its doors.


About Hannaford Store

About Hannaford Store

Hannaford is more than just a grocery store – it’s a community hub that brings people together through food.

With its focus on locally sourced products and commitment to sustainability, Hannaford is not just a

place to shop but a lifestyle  choice for those who care about the environment and support local farmers.

 The expansive selection of organic and natural products caters to the health-conscious consumer,

offering fresh and wholesome options for those seeking delicious and nutritious nourishment.

What sets Hannaford apart is its dedication to customer satisfaction.

From personalized service at the deli counter to convenient online ordering options, they strive to make grocery shopping seamless.

Beyond groceries, Hannaford reaches out to the community through charitable initiatives and partnerships with local

organizations, demonstrating their commitment to providing quality goods and contributing positively to society.

As you wander the aisles of Hannaford, you’re not just picking up items; you’re becoming part of something bigger – a network of

like-minded individuals united by their love for great food and community connection.


Hannaford Survey – Eligibility Criteria

Hannaford Survey – Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria for participating in the Hannaford survey may seem straightforward.

Still, some nuances could impact a customer’s ability to provide feedback. 

  • You must be 18 years of age or older.
  • Open only to Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, or Vermont legal residents.
  • Not open to immediate family members (spouse, parents, siblings, children, relatives) of the Hannaford store or affiliates.
  • Void outside of M.E., MA, NH, NY, and V.T., and where prohibited by law.

 How To Take Survey?

How To Take Survey

Click Here to Take The Hannaford Survey

There are two ways to enter the sweepstakes:

Online Survey:

  • Purchase at a participating Hannaford store and receive a receipt with a survey invitation.
  • Go to within five days of your purchase.
  • Select your preferred language(English or Spanish).
  • Enter your 16-character PIN code.
  • Take the survey entirely and click “Continue”.
  • Complete the entry form and click “Submit”.

Alternate Method of Entry (AMOE):

  • Write your name, address, phone number, DOB, and email on a 3×5 card and mail it to the P.O. Box listed(“Hannaford Customer Satisfaction Survey Sweepstakes”, P.O. Box 456, Newark, New York 14513).
  • Each mailed envelope counts as one entry, up to 5 envelopes per entry period.
  • Must be postmarked by the dates listed for each entry period.

So, the primary way to take the survey is to purchase Hannaford, get the receipt with the survey invite, and take the survey online

at within five days.


TalkToHannaford Guest Experience Survey Rewards

TalkToHannaford Guest Experience Survey Rewards

The prizes for the Hannaford Guest Experience Survey Sweepstakes are:

  • Five prize winners will be randomly selected in each of the 12 entry periods for 60 winners.
  • Each prize winner will receive a $500 Hannaford gift card.
  • Each prize’s total ARV (approximate retail value) is $500.
  • The total ARV of all prizes per entry period is $2,500 (5 winners x $500 each).

So, each winner selected in the random drawings will receive a $500 Hannaford gift card.

There will be 60 total winners over the 12 entry periods.

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FAQS About Hannaford Customer Feedback Survey

How can I participate in the Hannaford survey?

To participate in the Hannaford survey, visit the official website and follow the instructions to complete the survey.

What is the purpose of the Hannaford survey?

The Hannaford survey is designed to gather customer feedback about their experiences with the company’s products and services.

Can I take the Hannaford survey multiple times?

Yes, each participant can take the Hannaford survey only five times for each entry period.

Are there any rewards for completing the Hannaford survey?

Yes, participants may have a chance to win a $500 Hannaford gift card prize after completing the Hannaford survey.

Is my personal information secure when taking the Hannaford survey?

Your personal information is kept confidential and secure when you take the Hannaford survey.

How long does it take to complete the Hannaford survey?

On average, completing the Hannaford survey takes about 5-10 minutes.

Can I still provide feedback if I need to get a receipt from my recent purchase at Hannaford?

Unfortunately, a valid receipt from a recent purchase at Hannaford is required to participate in the survey online.

But if you prefer to enter by mail, you can write a letter with your info and send it to the P.O. Box.

Will my feedback be used to improve Hannaford’s products and services?

Yes, customer feedback from the Hannaford survey is used to improve the products and services Hannaford offers.

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In conclusion, participating in the Official Hannaford Survey at presents a unique opportunity to share

your feedback and be entered to win $500.

By taking a few moments to provide your honest opinions, you contribute to improving the overall customer experience and stand

a chance to win a generous reward.

Your input is valuable and will help Hannaford better understand the needs and preferences of its customers.

Take advantage of this chance to make your voice heard and potentially win $500 – visit today and

participate in the survey!