Top 10 Ways to Get Free Etsy Gift Cards in 2024

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Ever craved that unique mug featuring your cat’s grumpy face, but your wallet whispered “nay”?¬†

Fear not, crafty comrades, for a thrilling quest awaits!

We’re about to crack the code on snagging¬†free Etsy gift cards in 2024, your golden ticket to unleashing a shopping spree on the handmade haven.

Imagine browsing through a cornucopia of treasures ‚Äď whimsical jewelry spun from moonbeams, vintage finds whispering forgotten stories, or cozy knitwear woven with pure hygge.

 Now, picture paying for it all without dipping into your stash. 

Sounds like a dreamy escape, right? That’s the magic of Etsy gift cards, your passport to a world where “out of stock” becomes a distant memory and “add to cart” becomes your mantra.

But before we embark on this treasure hunt, a quick caveat: while the thrill of the freebie is undeniable, let’s remember the importance of

ethical exploration.

We’ll navigate this journey with mindfulness, ensuring our methods align with fair deals and honest hustle.¬†

After all, supporting hardworking artisans is the heart of Etsy, and we wouldn’t want to tarnish that shine.

So, get ready to sharpen your sleuthing skills, comrades!

Buckle up because we’ll uncover¬†ten ingenious ways to score free Etsy gift cards.¬†

From engaging with the vibrant Etsy community to tapping into the power of online rewards, this guide will be your compass to free-spirited shopping. 

Grab your reusable tote bag, a sprinkle of creativity, and a dash of ethical awareness because the adventure starts now!

How trustworthy is Etsy?

How trustworthy is Etsy

Etsy’s overall trustworthiness is¬†generally considered good, but with some caveats:


  • Secure platform:¬†Etsy uses secure payment processing systems and encrypts customer information.
  • Buyer protection:¬†Etsy offers a Buyer Protection program that helps ensure refunds for undelivered or misrepresented items.
  • Community focus:¬†Etsy fosters a strong community spirit, with many opportunities for buyers and sellers to connect and build trust.
  • Positive seller reviews:¬†Most Etsy sellers have positive reviews, offering insights into their reliability and product quality.
  • Transparency:¬†Etsy encourages product transparency and detailed descriptions, reducing the risk of misleading purchases.


  • Potential for scams:¬†As with any online platform, some fraudulent sellers exist on Etsy. However, the Buyer Protection program helps mitigate this risk.
  • Disputes can occur:¬†Some disagreements between buyers and sellers may arise. However, Etsy offers tools and mediation services to resolve them.
  • Handmade quality might vary:¬†While many Etsy products are beautifully crafted, quality can vary depending on the seller. Careful research and reviews are fundamental.
  • Counterfeit concerns:¬†Some counterfeit items have been found on the platform, although Etsy is actively working to remove them. Buyer vigilance is essential.


While no platform is perfect, Etsy takes various measures to ensure a safe and trustworthy shopping experience.

Here are some tips for staying safe on Etsy:

  • Read reviews carefully:¬†Check reviews of sellers before making a purchase.
  • Communicate with sellers:¬†Ask questions and clarify any doubts before buying.
  • Beware of deals that seem too good to be true:¬†If a price is significantly lower than expected, be cautious.
  • Pay through Etsy:¬†Only send payments directly to sellers within the platform.
  • Report suspicious activity:¬†If you encounter any suspicious activity, report it to Etsy immediately.

By following these tips and being a diligent shopper, you can minimize the risks and enjoy a positive experience on Etsy.

10 Ways to Get Free Etsy Gift Cards

10 Ways to Get Free Etsy Gift Cards

Engaging with Etsy and its Community: Your Inner Social Butterfly Takes Flight!

Forget expensive marketing campaigns; your most incredible tool here is your infectious enthusiasm!

¬†Buckle up for a whirlwind tour of Etsy’s treasure chest ‚Äď its¬†thriving community.¬†

This vibrant haven provides opportunities to score gift cards while mingling with fellow Catholics.

1.Promotions and Contests Galore:

¬†Ditch the lottery; Etsy’s your new playground!

Dive into ongoing promotions and giveaways, like seasonal sales with hidden gem-filled treasure hunts or social media contests where witty captions could land you an Etsy goldmine.

Keep your eyes peeled on Etsy’s homepage, social media channels, and even seller newsletters for fresh opportunities.

Remember, the early bird gets the Etsy freebie!

2. Become a Maker Mastermind: 

Why not join the other side of the fence and become an Etsy seller?

Etsy rewards you with shop credits as you build your shop and navigate the world of handmade magic.

These can be your golden ticket to unrestrained shopping sprees!

Plus, you might discover your hidden entrepreneurial spirit and become the next Etsy superstar. 

Beginner’s tip:¬†Explore dropshipping or print-on-demand options for a low-investment foray into the seller world.

3. Unleash Your Inner Critic (In a Good Way!):

 Remember those meticulous product reviews you write?

They hold more power than you think!

Platforms like Etsy Teams and Trustevit reward insightful, helpful reviews with points that can be redeemed for, you guessed it, Etsy gift cards! 

So, channel your inner constructive criticism, help fellow shoppers navigate the handmade wonderland, and reap the rewards.

4. Blog Your Way to Bounty: 

Do you have a way with words and a passion for all things crafty?

Then, the Etsy Bloggers Team might be your haven!

This exclusive group rewards its members with exclusive perks, including, you guessed it, gift cards!

Share your crafting adventures, product insights, and creative flair; you will be rewarded for your passion.

Eligibility? Check Etsy’s website for the latest criteria, but if you’re reading this, you’re already halfway there!

Remember, engaging with the Etsy community is a two-way street. 

Be genuine, supportive, and helpful; the gift card magic might sprinkle its stardust on you.

Now go forth, social butterfly, and spread your wings!

Utilizing External Platforms and Services: Venture Beyond Etsy’s Borders!

While Etsy’s community is a treasure trove, the wider digital world holds its hidden gems.

Let’s venture beyond the familiar and explore the¬†external platforms and services¬†with opportunities to score those coveted Etsy gift cards.

5. Survey Savvy: 

Who knew your opinion could be worth Etsy gold? Platforms like iOpenUSA and Survey Junkie reward diligent survey-takers with points that can be redeemed for, yep, you guessed it, Etsy gift cards! 

Tip: Be honest, complete surveys attentively, and avoid disqualifying questions to maximize your earnings. Remember, quality matters!

6. Micro-Tasking Micro-Wins: 

Feeling like a digital MacGyver? GPT sites and microwork platforms like Amazon Mechanical Turk offer bite-sized tasks like data entry, image tagging, or transcription.

While the rewards might be smaller, completing enough tasks can build up to a sweet Etsy shopping spree.

Scams lurk, so please stick to reputable platforms and avoid tasks requiring personal information.

Remember, your safety is worth more than any freebie.

7. App-tastic Adventures: 

Turn your phone into a treasure map!

Download reward apps like Ibotta or Fetch Rewards, which offer cashback or points for shopping at specific stores or completing tasks.

Many partners with Etsy, meaning everyday purchases can translate to free Etsy goodies. 

Pro tip: Combine app rewards with in-store coupons for double the savings!

8. Friendship Pays Off:

¬†Remember that friend who can’t resist a good deal?

Introduce them to the world of online shopping with referral programs!

Services like Ebates offer bonus rewards for successful referrals, and many online stores, including Etsy, have similar programs.

So, spread the love for online shopping and reap the gift card harvest together!

Remember, venturing beyond Etsy requires vigilance and a healthy dose of skepticism.

Choose reputable platforms, prioritize your safety, and always enjoy responsibly.

Now go forth, digital explorer, and let the reward apps guide you to your next Etsy treasure!

Alternative Methods: Unearthing Hidden Treasures in Unexpected Places!

Only some people stumble upon a lost treasure chest brimming with Etsy gold. But fear not, resourceful crafters!

Here’s where we tap into your¬†inner alchemist, transforming what you already have into precious Etsy gift cards.

9. Unearthing Buried Goodies: Do you have unused gift cards gathering dust in a drawer?

They might be your gateway to an Etsy shopping spree!

Platforms like GiftCardGranny or CardCash connect you with buyers eager to purchase your unwanted cards at a discounted price.

Even Etsy itself allows the selling of some gift cards.

¬†I’m warning you: Stew¬†from shady third-party websites and stick to reputable, established platforms. Remember, your safety is always worth more than any deal.

10. Barter Brigade Assemble!: 

Remember the barter system of yore?

It’s still alive and kicking!

Online communities like or local Facebook groups can become your marketplace for trading

unwanted items for Etsy gift cards‚ÄĒdust¬†off that vintage record player, the never-worn sweater, or even gently-used crafting supplies.

Clear communication and fair exchange are key here, so set your expectations and negotiate like a pro!

Remember, these alternative methods require a bit of elbow grease and negotiation finesse.

The satisfaction of unearthing hidden treasures and giving old things new life is priceless.

So go forth, crafty alchemists, and transform your unused goods into a bounty of Etsy delights!


How to Redeem an Etsy Gift Card

How to redeem an Etsy gift card

Redeeming your Etsy gift card is a breeze! Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you snag those handmade goodies:

1. Find your gift card code:

  • If you received a physical gift card, the 16-digit code will be on the back, typically under a scratch-off area.
  • The code will be emailed to you if you receive a digital gift card.

2. Head to Etsy:

  • Visit the Etsy website or open the Etsy app.

3. Start adding items to your cart:

  • Browse through the millions of unique and handmade items on Etsy and fill your cart with your desired treasures.

4. Proceed to checkout:

  • Once you’re happy with your selections, click on “Cart” or “Checkout” (depending on whether you’re using the website or app).

5. Apply your gift card:

  • Look for the “Gift cards and Etsy credit” section on the checkout page.
  • Click on “Add a gift card or coupon code” and enter your 16-digit gift card code in the space provided.
  • Click “Apply.”

6. Complete your purchase:

  • If your gift card covers the entire purchase amount, you can click “Place order.”
  • If your gift card balance doesn’t cover the entire amount, you must choose another payment method for the remaining balance. You can use a credit card, debit card, or Etsy credit.

7. Congratulations!

You’ve successfully redeemed your Etsy gift card and are now the proud owner of some fantastic handmade finds. Enjoy your shopping spree!

8. To redeem a printed gift card

  1. Sign in to
  2. Go to Gift Cards at the bottom of any page.
  3. Choose Redeeming a gift card? under Giving the gift of Etsy.
  4. Enter the 16-character code on your gift card that looks like this: XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX
  5. Select Apply now.

Here are some additional tips for redeeming your Etsy gift card:

  • Make sure your gift card is active.¬†You can check the balance of your gift card on the Etsy website by clicking on “Help & Contact” and then “Gift Cards.”
  • Etsy gift cards can only be used on Etsy.¬†You cannot use them to purchase items from other websites.
  • Etsy gift cards do not expire.¬†You can use them anytime.
  • You can use multiple gift cards on a single purchase.¬†Enter each gift card code in the “Add a gift card or coupon code” field at checkout.
  • If you need help redeeming your gift card, contact Etsy customer support.


How do You Get Credits on Etsy?

How do You Get Credits on Etsy

There are several ways to get credits on Etsy:

1. Selling on Etsy:

  • Shop Credits:¬†You earn shop credits as you make sales on your Etsy shop. These credits can cover fees on Etsy, like listing fees, transaction fees, and shipping labels.
  • Coupon codes:¬†You can create and issue coupon codes to your customers, offering them discounts in exchange for purchases. Any unused discounts become shop credits in your account.
  • Refunds and chargebacks:¬†If you issue a refund or receive a chargeback on a sale, the transaction fees associated with that order will be credited back to your account.

2. Participating in Etsy programs:

  • Etsy Teams:¬†By participating in Etsy Teams and providing helpful reviews and feedback, you can earn points that can be redeemed for Etsy gift cards or shop credits.
  • Etsy Bloggers Team:¬†If you’re an active blogger or content creator focusing on handmade goods, you can apply to join the Etsy Bloggers Team. Members receive exclusive benefits, including shop credits and discounts.

3. Engaging with Etsy promotions and contests:

  • Etsy occasionally runs promotions and contests where you can earn shop credits or Etsy gift cards as prizes. Keep an eye on Etsy’s homepage, social media channels, and email newsletters for announcements about these opportunities.

4. Alternative methods:

  • Surveys and microtasks:¬†Some survey platforms and online microtask websites offer rewards like Etsy gift cards or shop credits. However, be cautious of scams and only use reputable platforms.
  • Selling unused gift cards:¬†If you have an unused Etsy gift card, you can sell it on a platform like GiftCardGranny or CardCash and receive store credit or cash towards your next Etsy purchase.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Shop credits can only be used on Etsy fees, while Etsy gift cards can be used to purchase from any shop on Etsy.
  • Credits and gift cards may have expiration dates, so check the terms and conditions.
  • Always exercise caution when participating in online activities that involve rewards or earning credits.

What Can I Use My Free Etsy Gift Card For?

What Can I Use My Free Etsy Gift Card For

If you get a free Etsy gift card, the possibilities are as endless as the handcrafted goodness on the platform!

Here are some exciting ways you can put your treasure to good use:

Treat yourself:

  • Unique home d√©cor:¬†Find one-of-a-kind pottery, paintings, woven tapestries, or handmade furniture to add a touch of personality to your living space.
  • Personalize your wardrobe:¬†Discover quirky jewelry, cozy knitwear, custom-printed t-shirts, or hand-painted denim jackets to express your unique style.
  • Indulge in self-care:¬†Pamper yourself with luxurious aromatherapy candles, handmade soaps, natural bath bombs, or a personalized yoga mat.

Spruce up your hobbies:

  • Fuel your creativity:¬†Stock up on high-quality art supplies, handcrafted musical instruments, unique yarn for your next knitting project, or even pottery supplies for your home studio.
  • Level up your gaming:¬†Find custom dice bags, hand-painted miniatures, or unique game accessories to make your next tabletop adventure even more epic.
  • Get outside:¬†Discover handmade backpacks, water bottles, hiking gear, or camping accessories for your next outdoor adventure.

Shower loved ones with gifts:

  • For the foodie:¬†Find charming ceramic mugs, artisanal jams, handcrafted cutting boards, or even personalized cookbooks to delight their taste buds.
  • For the homebody:¬†Surprise them with cozy throws, scented candles, hand-knitted blankets, or personalized photo albums to make their space feel extra special.
  • For the little ones:¬†Discover adorable handmade toys, educational learning tools, personalized children’s books, or playful room decorations to spark their imagination.

Support a cause:

  • Shop from eco-conscious sellers:¬†Find products made with recycled materials, sustainable practices, or fair trade ethics to feel good about your purchase.
  • Support independent artists:¬†Discover unique pieces from up-and-coming makers and help their creative dreams come true.
  • Give back to the community:¬†Look for shops donating a portion of their proceeds to charities or supporting social causes you care about.

Remember, your free Etsy gift card is a ticket to a world of creativity, passion, and endless possibilities. Explore, browse, and let your imagination run wild! You might stumble upon a handmade masterpiece that becomes a treasured part of your life.

Bonus tip:¬†Check out Etsy’s “Curated Collections” for inspiration, featuring themed product selections based on interests, seasons, or trends. Happy shopping!

FAQs About Getting Free Etsy Gift Cards Codes

Do Etsy Gift Cards Expire?

It depends on when the card was purchased:

  • Gift cards purchased before April 1, 2023:¬†These have a five-year expiration date from the date of purchase.
  • Gift cards purchased after April 1, 2023:¬†These have a four-year expiration date from the date of purchase.

You can check the expiration date of your gift card by visiting the Etsy website, clicking on “Help & Contact,” and then “Gift Cards.” You can enter your gift card code, and the expiration date will be displayed.

Does Etsy Sell Gift Vouchers?

No, Etsy doesn’t sell vouchers in the traditional sense. They only offer gift cards and digital codes that can be redeemed for any item on the Etsy platform.

Can You Buy Etsy Gift Cards at Target?

Yes! You can purchase Etsy gift cards at Target stores nationwide.

¬†They are typically located in the gift card aisle near the front of the store. You can also purchase them online from Target’s website.

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Your thrilling quest for free Etsy shopping sprees is almost complete! Let’s recap the key takeaways:

  • The treasure chest is vast:¬†From engaging with the Etsy community to exploring external platforms, countless opportunities await to snag those coveted gift cards.
  • Embrace your inner alchemist:¬†Look for hidden gems within unused gift cards or barter unwanted items for Etsy bounty. Remember, resourcefulness is critical!
  • Stay ethical, stay savvy:¬†As you navigate the treasure hunt, prioritize fair deals, responsible participation, and vigilance against online scams.

Now, before you unleash your shopping spree, a final sprinkle of wisdom:

  • Remember the spirit of Etsy:¬†It’s a haven for handmade wonders crafted with passion and skill. Enjoy your freebies, but appreciate the artistry behind them.
  • Spend responsibly:¬†Freebies are delightful, but mindful budgeting ensures you appreciate every treasure.
  • Share the joy:¬†Encourage friends and family to explore the handmade world, spreading the love for unique, crafted goods.

With these tips in your backpack, confidently embark on your treasure hunt! 

Remember, the true joy lies not just in the freebies but in the discovery of talented artists and the beauty of their creations. 

So, happy hunting, craft comrades, and may your Etsy shopping sprees be filled with endless handmade wonders!