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MyLongJohnSilversExperience – Long John Silver Survey

Are you a seafood lover? Have you recently dined at Long John Silver’s and want to share your experience? 

Look no further!

 Introducing MyLongJohnSilversExperience – the ultimate opportunity for customers to provide valuable feedback and be

rewarded with a FREE Fish & Fries coupon.

Customer satisfaction is paramount at Long John Silver’s; they are eager to hear what you say.

 Participating in the My Long John Silver’s Experience survey allows you to express your thoughts and enjoy a delicious treat on

the house.

 So, grab your pen or keyboard and let your voice be heard while indulging in some mouthwatering seafood delights!

About Long John Silver’s

About Long John Silver's

Long John Silver’s is an American well-known fast-food chain specializing in seafood.

Founded in 1969, the restaurant has become one of the largest quick-service

 seafood chains in the United States.

With over 1,000 locations nationwide, Long John Silver’s offers a diverse menu catering to seafood


The restaurant takes its name from the fictional character Long John Silver, who was featured in Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic novel Treasure Island.

Like its namesake pirate, Long John Silver’s aims to give customers an adventurous and memorable dining experience.

Whether you’re craving fish and chips, shrimp scampi, or clam chowder, this eatery has something for everyone.

Its commitment to quality seafood sets Long John Silver’s apart from other fast-food chains.

Requirements to Take The Customer Feedback Survey at Long John Silver’s

Requirements to Take The Customer Feedback Survey at Long John Silver's

Before diving into this exciting opportunity, there are a few requirements that need to be met:

  • A valid purchase receipt from Long John Silver’s.
  • A computer or smartphone with internet access.
  • Basic knowledge of English or Spanish to understand the survey questions.
  • A few minutes of free time to complete the survey.
  • An honest and genuine opinion about your experience at Long John Silver’s.
  • Willingness to provide personal information, such as name and email address, for survey completion and potential rewards.
  •  It is also important to note that only legal residents of the United States and 18 years or older can participate in this survey.

How To Enter MyLongJohnSilversExperience Survey?

How To Enter MyLongJohnSilversExperience Survey

Click Here to take The Long John Silver Survey

To participate in the long john silver’s restaurant customer satisfaction survey, follow these steps:

  • First, visit the official long john silvers experience survey website
  • Choose your preferred language for the survey, English or Spanish.
  • Keep your receipt handy: You will need a recent Long John Silver receipt to participate in the survey.
  • Enter the required details: Enter the store and ticket number.
  • Answer all the survey questions honestly: Please provide genuine feedback about your dining experience at Long John Silver’s.

Rewards of the Long John Silver’s Customer Satisfaction Survey

Rewards of the Long John Silver's Customer Satisfaction Survey

Click Here to take The Long John Silver Survey

Upon taking part in the survey, you will receive a coupon code or validation code for a free 2-

piece fish, fries, or fish chips on your next visit.

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In conclusion, taking the My Long John Silver’s Experience survey is an excellent opportunity to provide valuable feedback and

opinions about your recent visit to Long John Silver’s.

 It gives you a chance to express your thoughts and suggestions and rewards you with a FREE Fish & Fries coupon as a token of


 Participating in this survey improves the overall dining experience at Long John Silver’s, ensuring that future visits are even more


Don’t miss out on this chance to have your voice heard and claim your tasty reward – visit